Shungite Jewellery 5cm Circle Pendant

    Shungite Jewellery 5cm Circle Pendant

    Imported from Russia real authentic bespoke shungite jewellery in the shape of an amazing 5cm pendant. Every day we are becoming more exposed to radiation from laptops, smartphones and ipads to name a few, shungite helps to repel these invisible rays bombarding our bodies.

    Block EMF's With Shungite

    Shungite circle pendant (5cm) is a meaningful piece of the mineral rock in the neck. The circular shape accentuates the unpretentious nature of the Shungite stone. Energy fields are like ripples in water that get shuttled from the surface of the body to the nearby environment. The width of the vital field can be estimated to be around 5 to 8 feet. The positivity carried by these vital fields is dependent on the quality of food and water we consume. Frequent exposure to toxins, troublesome emotions and hectic lifestyle could exhaust the quality of the vital field. Constant exposure to EMF ensures the infiltration of the aforementioned inconveniences by the invasion of the integrity of the vital field. Some of the earliest signs of EMF’s interference that can be witnessed in a human being are a sudden reflex of hypersensitivity in the form of emotions and reduced level of immunity to an infection that was surmountable a year before its current occurrence.

    Maintaining the energy fields in a perfect balance can forestall the onset of several new diseases that might come up due to a continental exchange of populations. The density of our vital field is important. It’s the forte that gets frequently attacked by the engagements that cause energy drainage in our everyday lives. For instance, jobs that require sitting on the desk all the while during the office hours could stagnate the performance of a vital field. Emotional release to every insignificant incident at the office can be considered as a marker of the weakening of the vital field. The Germans have done massive research on the effect of electromagnetic waves on the biophotons of our body. Shungite’s benefits can be gathered by:

    Placing a shungite showpiece in the bedroom or at the workplace.

    Applying shungite water topically or drinking it on a regular basis.

    Shungite is a moldable stone which makes it a perfect component for any design of a jewellery item. Shungite, when carved as a pyramid is capable of negating the hazards coming through the windows of the neighborhoods. A quicker impact of shungite was reported by the consumers who wore shungite as an accessory. Shungite jewellery is always free from the use of metals. The reason for the exclusion of metal from the fabrication process would be of absenting a source that could possibly act as an antenna for the EMF waves in future.

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