Shungite Jewellery Female Symbol Pendant

    Shungite Jewellery Female Symbol Pendant

    Powerful shungite pendant for a lady! This handemade bespoke jewellery comes from Russia the only part of the world this mystical stone can be found. Shungite stps wifi, mobile phone radiation and emf's from all electrical devices protect yourself from this invisible bombarding our bodies every day!

    Shungite Uses

    Shungite is bold in its looks. When designed for women, it is supposed to be fabricated very specifically so that it looks elegant. Shungite female jewellery is prepared with extensive care through the following steps:

    Intricacy of the design is decided during the first step of drawing.

    Once the design is complete, the dimensions that suit the design and looks elegant enough to carry for women are decided.

    The final step would be of deciding the color of the symbol in the working (final) design of the jewellery item.

    Yet another form of shungite that is popular among women is shungite cosmetic. Shungite based beauty products contain fine particles of the original shungite stone dipped in an extraordinary gel-mix of shea butter, white tea, and olive oil. Women who are fond of kitchen gardens could use the easier option of shungite to increase the fertility of soil. Nature is a thing that holds a special place in the heart of every woman... Nature accepts shungite particles in the form of a breakthrough. In the past few decades, shungite has replaced the conventional fertilizers that base their functionalism on compost's proportions. Shungite female jewellery can be used in the same way for the agricultural purpose by keeping it close to the plants that need the most help. Shungite is capable of protecting plants, and animals equally from the effects of negative energy made by technology.

    Shungite Stops WIFI Routers

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