Shungite Jewellery Lens 3cm Pendant

    Shungite Lens 3cm Pendant Jewellery

    Discover this bespoke lens pendant made from pure authentic shungite, treat the lady in your life with this amazing pendant with mystical powers which blocks negative rays from wifi and electrical devices.

    Shungite Rock Many Say It's From Space

    The average energy held together by the molecules of a liquid can be calibrated by its evaluation on the DNES spectra. In the case of shungite water, the values of H2O molecules were found to be higher than normal on the spectra. This would imply that shungite can make restructuration possible at a molecular level in any liquid. An improvement in the molecular structure of any liquid would be responsible for the better conduction of signals through the neurons. Mountain water - often referred to as the ‘Water Tower’ is the most common resource of water that is used for urban cooking and irrigation. The carbon atoms in shungite act as a reducing agent and therefore adsorb the random oxygen atoms that get haywire from the original water molecule due to the process of oxidation. The porous make of shungite rock makes it an ideal sorbent and therefore the recoverer of the following properties:

    Unusually high mechanical strength.

    High-end resistance to abrasion.

    Widespread use of the inherent absorption capacity that extends to both the organic as well as inorganic substances.

    Resistance to corrosion.

    Shungite Lens Pendant (3cm) is like a compact nugget that could come in handy when you are close to a water source that has lost a major portion of its oxygen veracity due to the inadvertent process of molecular alteration. The round and bulbous shape of the pendant looks flamboyant in the male as well as female buyers. Chlorinated water can be bad for the enamel of the teeth. Activated carbon is perfect for use only when the chlorinated water is being used for bathing. Dioxins are yet another make of compounds that make it to the food chain through the fatty tissue of the shellfish and lamb. They impose their presence in the human body by worsening the working of the immune system. It could be a part of the expedition that you hopefully wouldn’t mind keeping when you are in a hurry.

    Shungite Blocks EMF Rays From WIFI Routers

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