Shungite Jewellery Necklace Pebbles

    Shungite Jewellery Necklace Pebbles

    Unique bespoke jewellery made from shungite pebbles treaded together in a necklace, these amazing pieces are handmade from Russia and have mystical properties to repel negative energies from wifi routers, mobile phone networks and emf's.

    Size of stone ≈ 0,5 - 1,00 cm/ 0,20 - 0,39 inch; length of necklace ≈ 42 cm/ 16,54 inch; chain length 8 cm/ 3,15 inch; clasp - carbine 1cm/ 0,39 inch;

    Shungite Jewellery Pebbles Designer Necklace

    Shungite looks extremely bohemian when worn in the form of pebbles around the neck. Shungite Pebbles Necklace is made of appropriately-sized pebbles that make your neckline look much younger. The only reason, it isn’t made of gold is because shungite is more precious than the metal itself in the present-day scenario. Agriculture, metallurgy, medicine - Shungite has been a part of almost anything that relates to the human race. Fullerenes have been subtle in keeping up the age of the environment and humans for ages. There have been a mesmerizing array of researchers led by scientists who believed in the potential of fullerenes since its discovery in the village of Karelia, Russia.

    Anthropogenic radio-frequency electromagnetic fields are the ones that are generated by the regular usage of electrical appliances. A recent study confirms that frequencies of such magnitude are capable of hurting the working of CNS and can be responsible for the post-neurotomy pain. Neuralgia can affect the functioning of the residual limbs. The earlier signs of such an occurrence might come around as hypersensitivity to chemicals and thermal changes. Fullerenes are perfectly capable of scathing the presence of chloride, fluoride and several other indecent chemicals in the environment only to make it purer and safer for the present and future generations. The effects of anthropogenic radio-frequency electromagnetic fields are equally disturbing for kids and animals. Shungite pebbles necklace is appropriate for use as an accessory and for the preparation of shungite water. Most enthusiasts recommend an intake of 1 to 2 glasses of shungite water every day. Water can be changed in two ways:

    By alteration in the molecular structure.

    By removal of impurities.

    Water can be considered as unfit for drinking if it's been under the close effect of an EMF. any liquid that has been altered by the electromagnetic waves could induce ghastly changes in the body that consumes it.

    Shungite Blocks EMF Rays From WIFI Routers

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