Shungite Jewellery Necklace Spheres 8mm

    Shungite Jewellery Necklace Spheres 8mm

    Designer necklace 8mm shungite spheres all handmade direct from Russia to create a unique piece of jewellery for protection against wifi and mobile phone networks omitted from smartphones. Naturesupplies shungite collection is sourced from reputable suppliers who only sell authentic stones carved into ornaments and designer pieces.

    "Length of necklace ≈ 42 cm/ 16,54 inch; chain length 8 cm/ 3,15 inch; clasp - carbine 1cm/ 0,39 inch; sphere diameter 0,08 cm/ 0,03 inch; 53 pcs"

    Shungite Jewellery WIFI Stopper

    Shungite Spheres Necklace (8mm) is a bodacious-looking necklace that contains all the passional qualities of the shungite rock. The differential pore size of the shungite makes it an assertive rock amongst those varieties of natural rocks that are considered porous. Aside from wearing, the spheres along the string can also be used in a pot of tea that isn’t on the flame. Microwaves aren’t a very suitable way of making tea, especially in the areas that have a close access to the mobile towers. The easiest and safest way to prepare meals is on the flame. While in many countries, the flames work slow they can always be counted on for being a safer conveyor of heat for the preparation of recipes and liquids. Shungite Spheres Necklace (8mm) can be used as an accessory for pets too. You can always stick it in with the cat and dog collars. Water in the fish tanks tends to vary in the pH when it starts getting old. Shungite spheres can be placed at the base or bottom of the fish tank. The spheres would require cleansing only once a month.

    Pineal gland. is a tiny gland in the brain that is responsible for adjusting the sleep patterns according to time zones when a person travels from one region to another. While some people use the help of heavy medication, others rely on natural resources. Shungite Spheres Necklace (8mm) can be adjusted in length by adding an extra string as a joint in the middle of the necklace. Since the shungite stone came from water, it is repulsive to any chemical reaction when it comes in contact with the sweat. Shungite molecules are formed through the long-standing procedure of graphitization. Some of the common reactions that shungite goes through in its making in the aqueous environment are hydrogenation, hydroxylation, and carboxylation. The structure of shungite is firm enough to remain unchanged even after rendering its effects multiple times in the form of accessories and pyramids.

    WIFI Routers Experiment With Shungite

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