Shungite Jewellery Ohm Pendant

    Shungite Jewellery Ohm Pendant

    There are belief systems that explain the expansive network of the rooted energy flow through the body as resonance instead of Chakras. For the proper convergence of resonance energies generated by the Shungite Ohm pendant, it is important for its users to keep it in touch with the skin during a hectic schedule. Carbon-60 defines the use of fullerenes in a proper way. The molecular structure of this intense carbon form is spherically symmetrical with a diameter of 0.7 nm. Since it so well impersonates a geodesic dome of architectural wonders, it was named Buckminsterfullerene. Carbon-60 can be found naturally in 2 useful and reliant forms that go by the name of Shungite and Fulgurite. As many archeologists state, Shungite is a 500 million year old stone that was formed by steeping in of carbon into the rocks under the extremities of pressure. Shungite happens to have a lot to say about the epiphany that occurred when it officially became available for use in the form of accessories.

    Ohm Chakras Energy System

    EMF could be the simplest of reasons to say a ‘Yes’ to fullerenes. Electromagnetic fields generate non-ionizing radiation and therefore a dangerous form of pollution - Electrosmog. There are 2 kinds of electromagnetic fields that can be searched for in the vicinity when there is grid nearby. The commonest one to be witnessed due to its persuasive effects is the static magnetic field (SMF). Also known as the extremely low frequency (ELF), the frequency of such magnetic field can be expected to belong to the limits of 50 to 60Hz. Another one that is unusual and found rarely is the high frequency EMF (HF). EMF isn’t an anew topic of discussion at the WHO conferences that are held every now and then. The discussion that was commenced recently demonstrated the effect of ELF-EMFs on the aggregation of protein and cellular functions. The researchers studied the occurrence of a feasible opportunity that was readily used by the EMFs to initiate certain pathological conditions in humans. The protein aggregation caused by EMFs in humans occurs in a fibrillar form thus actuating the process of neurodegenerative disorders. Wireless technology has been listed as the most bog-standard source of high-frequency electromagnetic fields. These are the frequencies that are represented on a normal day by the radio’s FM frequencies and the other electronic devices at home that do not require a wire to operate. Radio frequencies, when studied for their effect on in vitro cell cultures expressed their hostility as DNA damage. Such and more effects on the Ca2+/H+ and Na/H+ plasma membrane antiporters were observed during the study. After being exposed to an SMF that is equal in variables of the battery-operated motors and audio speakers, an unusual alteration in the behavior of lymphocytes (WBC) became noticeable. Peripheral blood lymphocytes are the blood cells that exist in a silent state in the body under usual circumstances and get aggravated when they sense a need to defend the immune system.

    Shungite WIFI Blocker

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