Shungite Jewellery Pendulum Faceted Pendant

    Shungite Jewellery Pendulum Faceted 4.5cm x 1.5cm Pendant

    Shungite designer faceted pendant jewellery very unique treat the lady in your life with this amazing piece. Totally handmade from Russia only place where to buy authentic shungite which blocks 5g and wifi from mobile phones, ipads and computers.

    Shungite Designer Jewellery

    Shungite pendulum faceted pendant is as good-looking as any choker necklace. It is a nonpareil design of shungite that would suit any woman with a strong pursuit. Shungite is made up of carbon atoms that are arranged in the form of a spherical molecule. The high-end symmetry owned by the atoms of this stone works in a remarkable manner towards its actions. Shungite is nature’s catalytic response to organic substances that require suitable composition and sorption. It is important for the organic purchase to make it to every organ of your body just like it is expected to be. The fullerenes in it are capable of suppressing the rage of peroxidation and therefore the very release of free radicals. A pendant can be a perfect accessory for the people can’t bother to carry around shungite in a loose form. Fullerenes can always make it to the insides of your body with shungite water. While there are several fruits and vegetables that assure us of the full portions of antioxidants, the continual attack of free radicals does require a high-end protection that can only be expected when the pugilist is present in the form of the body's water content at all times instead of the monetary presence conveyed by the temporary stay of an antioxidant recipe.

    Shungite Authentic Stone From Russia STOPS EMF's

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