Shungite Jewellery Thick Trapezium 4,5cm x 2cm

    Shungite trapezium thick pendant is a unique piece of jewellery perfect for fashion with the added protection to repel negative energy from electromagnetic fields from mobile phones, computers and wifi to name a few.

    Shungite Study On Electromagnetic Fields

    Shungite trapezium pendant (Thick) is a part of a legendary service that was provided by shungite in the year 2006. According to a study conducted at the Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology (Karelia), humans are equally susceptible to the effects of electromagnetic fields as are animals. This study was conducted in May 2006 in a treatment room under the effect of shungite. The patients who were admitted to the study group were the ones who went through a thorough examination with a computer electro puncture scan. KES scan was performed on the participants before they became a part of the study and after a couple of days of the study had passed. The prime purpose of using the KES scanner was of estimating the resistance of one’s body to the effects of EMF. A major portion of the study group contained female patients who were above 60 years of age. According to the theory of Ryodoraku, there is a very specific and guaranteed relation between the vital organs of the body and the resistance provided by dermal points to the electrical impulses created in the vital field by any interfering phenomenon.

    The conclusions perceived from the facts received from the performance of participants in the shungite room for a week were as follows:

    After the completion of 10 procedures in the shungite room, there was an incredible change witnessed in the energy level of each patient. The spurge in energy levels was witnessed in the form of regression of acute symptoms that were initially a part of some developing condition, reduction in the prominence of the symptoms that depicted a chronic illness.

    50% of the participants exhibited a significant decrease in the symptoms of chronic illness that previously followed the disruption of the vital field.

    Hemodynamics are the measurements that are used for keeping up with blood pressure stats in a human being. After a week’s stay in the shungite room, the participants were diagnosed with an elevation in the diastolic BP and hushing of the systolic BP.

    The Powers Of Shungite

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