Shungite Jewellery Tricvet Pendant

    Shungite Jewellery Tricvet Pendant

    Discover Naturesupplies tricvet pendant made from shungite handcrafted into bespoke jewellery direct from the only place in the worldwhere thisamazingstone is found Russia. This unique pendant help repel emf radiationsfrom electrical devices such aswifi routers and smrtphones.

    Devices That Emit EMF's You Need To Know About

    Living close to the electricity towers and network towers isn’t a choice any of us would ever make. These are the arrangements with maximum access to EMF frequencies. In fact, living close to anything that emits electric current from time to time is like living close to an invisible death eye that could strike the human body with irreversible damage at any point of time. The exonerated vista of problems created by EMF in the body is quite similar to the one created by excessive sun exposure. Repeated and direct exposure to UV rays can be fatal for the thin-skinned lot and could culminate in disease at any time. Enlisted below are some of the EMF gears that might go unnoticed on a regular day:

    Smart meters: are digital versions of analog meters that are used to measure the consumption of power and gas in a residential or commercial space. Dr. Laura Pressley, an eminent name among the semi-conductor device patents believes that there are 2 routes through which electromagnetic waves could affect the health of humans, animals, and plants. The first route involves the use of pulsed electrical noise and the other one a higher density electromagnetic radiation. Also, smart meters are capable of initiating the flow of dirty electricity in any construction to which it has been linked.

    Direct Current (DC) power devices: Graham Stetzer Microsurge Meter is a perfect tool for measuring dirty electricity. Most modern devices convert alternating electric current to direct current. This conversion leads to the generation of an electromagnetic field that affects the body in various ways like the body might become overly sensitive to chemicals, development of unexplained breathing issues and attention deficit disorder that could marr the quality of work life. CFL bulbs are a perfect example of dirty electricity usage. They are the compact and fluorescent light bulbs that are capable of polluting an entire electrical circuit even when used in one of the sockets of a realty.

    Cordless phones: can be treated as an equal and potent surveyor of electromagnetic waves as mobile phones. DECT cordless phones could do a lot of damage to the body when used simultaneously with a mobile phone during the day. These phones are dangerous even when they are on the stand and are not being used for receiving calls because cordless phones don’t just emit electromagnetic waves through their handset but also through their base.

    Watch How Shungite Blocks WIFI

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