Shungite Jewellery Yarilo Pendant

    Shungite Jewellery Yarilo Pendant

    Yarilo - archaically pronounced as Jarilo is a Proto-Slavic word used for describing something extremely young all the time or a force that always progresses and never recedes in life’s companionship. The symbol is as unique as the shungite stone. The easiest way to keep a shungite close in the time of need is jeweller, these bespoke pieces repel emf radiation from computers, ipads and smartphones.

    Shungite The water Purifier

    Shugite Yarilo pendant is an intricately designed pendant for people with Polish faith. Any liquid that is infused with the effect of shungite is special. Why? Because it would obviously be devoid of the molecular mishaps of EMF,s. Shungite water was tested for its conceptualized benefits for the first time in Russia. The scientists who were summoned for assuring its genuineness wanted to be sure of shungite’s quality profile before declaring it as an officially safe product for the outside world. Some of the other pendants are worth going over on our website would be Shungite flower pendant, Shungite pendulum faceted pendant and Shungite yin yang pendant.

    There are people who have a know-how about the interaction of shungite with crystals and most of them recommend the simultaneous use of Shungite with Healerite. The region of the skin that is expected to be kept close to the effect of shungite can be decided by the length of the rope or chain. When used for the preparation of a shungite liquid, the ratio that would ideal to expect an effect would be of 100 g for a litre of liquid. It is recommended to keep shungite liquid away from sunlight to avoid any further unacceptable alteration in the molecular structure of the liquid. A suggested time period for the preparation of a shungite liquid would be 3 days. When used regularly, it is important to keep the stone charged in the pendant for further use. A heedful way of doing so would be of lathering the pendant once in every 2 months and keeping it out in the sun for a period of 7 days after the rinse.

    WIFI Blocker EMF's With Shungite

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