Shungite Jewellery Yin Yang Pendant

    Shungite Jewellery Yin Yang Pendant

    Wear the Yin Yang pendant made from shungite as a protector again wifi, 5g and emf radiation from electrical devices. In China they believe the symbol Ying Yang as positive energy generated from the earth. The philosophy says that instead of to opposites repelling they interlock and create master energy and harmony.

    Shungite Yin Yang The Flow Of The Earths Energy

    The adsorption potential of shungite before its purchase can be affirmed by the fact that when the stone is in close proximity with the organic matter, it allows the filling in of the same in its creeks. It is for this reason that the fossilicious formation and preservation of shungite rock became possible. For instance, lydite is a rock that has a perfect example of a siliceous make that allows the infiltration of organic matter. Precambrian era was a delight for the rocks that were formed in the photic zone of the lake where the Shungite stone was found drifted along the shore. The microfossils that were found clinging to shungite when it was first discovered were the microbial communities of cyanophyta.

    Benthic cyanophyta is a distinguished microbial community that has the ability to form a mat at the base of its choice of shallow aquatic environment. Cyanobacterial mats are capable of dismissing 8 to 10 gm2 of carbon everyday. When related with the mats, it becomes an obvious property of the shungite to be photosynthetic and work perfectly under anaerobic conditions. Most of the siliceous engravings found in the structure of the shungite rock bear coliform features. Shungite Yin Yang pendant embraces the true side of the yin-yang concept by being so close to nature in its origin. Yin Yang is an ancient philosophical concept of China the flow of energy that is ever-changing with time. An effective example that can be used to explain its concept is the turning of the day into the night through the passing hours everyday. The harmony explained by the belief of Yin & Yang is quite similar to the harmony you can look forward to achieving by continually being in touch with shungite stone. Shungite is of Russian origin and is an electroconductive rock. Shungite has been a part of several kinds of research after its discovery. One of the most prominent research it has been often related to was held at the Tula Scientific and Research Institute. The research confirmed that fullerenes are capable of defending and bettering the human body with their mere presence in their vicinity.

    Shungite Blocks WIFI Radiation From Your Router

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