Shungite Pebble Bracelet Jewellery

    Shungite bracelet highly polished pebbles are the exclusive fashion statement with the added bonus of protection from emf's such as wifi and 5g. Shungite jewellery is becoming a popular accessory in today's society as we are using more and more electrical devices in work and home to make our life easier but at what costs to our health? This is why shungite accessories are becoming the fastest growing jewellery range online.

    "Size of stone ≈ 1 - 1,5 cm/ 0,39 - 0,59 inch; beads pcs 16"

    Fabrication Of Shungite Jewelley

    The awe-inspiring design of Shungite Spheres Bracelet never undermines its value as a life-inspiring accessory for one who wants to connect with the earth's energies and protected against electromagnetic fields. The wrist is the region of the body that gets a supply of blood from the median nerve, this nerve is important to the central nervous system and energy through our meridians. More and more people are becoming aware of the effects of 5G, WIFI & EMF, the dangers of electromagnetic waves are causing health symptoms such as brain fog, lack of concentration, insomnia, fibromyalgia and depression shungite jewellery and ornaments can help to repel emf radiation.

    Toxic Cities Connected By 5g Networks

    The world is becoming more toxic through chemicals, pollution and now the biggest threat 5g networks. 5g connects by cell towers at a distance of 500 feet so the data can move fast between short distances on a huge connected network. BUT! 5g is small particles which penetrates the human body which can change cell structures over time which nobody knows how that will effect the body in the future. We need to protect our bodies and homes to repel 5g and wifi which is everywhere!

    Watch How Shungite Blocks EMF & WIFI

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