Shungite Jewellery Petal Pendant

    Bespoke jewellery made from shungite has been handmade in Russia in the shape of a petal to repel harmful emf rays from mobile phone networks 5g, wifi routers and electromagnetic fields that our bodies are constantly been bombarded with.

    Shungite Bespoke Jewellery:

    Shungite petal pendant might remind you of the sensitivity of human nature that once belonged to the Arab era. Arabs were known for using rose petals for enhancing their beauty. The feminine and classy design of this pendant can be owed to the times when people cherished flowers as a symbol of virtue. Many people find the dark look of Shungite very Gothic. This unique jewellery can help protect the body against the evergrowing circus of electromagnetic feilds zapping our bodies

    Do you overuse your mobile phone? Do you go hands-free while using it? Is it attached to your laptop most of the time? These questions could mean a lot if you were looking forward to getting well from a recent episode of flu. Often, we we don't realise that our immune system becomes weak due to constant exposure to emf's, constant use of a mobile phone can make a person feel dizzy or have brainfog due to the electromagnetic waves 5g constantly been pounded into our brain!. What will the result of too much radiation off electricals long term nobody knows!

    Electrical Devices Guidelines In The Home To Limit EMF's

    Maintain a safe distance from the electrical devices while sleeping. We can always be sure of gaining on sleeping pattern and its rhythmic sensitivity by doing so.

    Installing a new electric system in your home, it would be a preferable option to keep the electric service panels or cables away from the bedside corner.

    Shungite Blocking WIFI EMF's Viseo

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