Shungite Spheres Necklace Jewellery 6mm

    Bespoke shungite jewellery crafted by hand from Russia this premium necklace with 6mm spheres of shungite not only is a fashion item which will make you the enjoy of all of your friends but also will help to protect the body from harmful wifi and 5g radiation omitting from high powered smartphones.

    "Length of necklace 42 cm/ 16,54 inch; chain length 8 cm/ 3,15 inch; clasp - carbine 1cm/ 0,39 inch; diameter ≈ 0,06 cm/ 0,02 inch; 64 pcs"

    Fabrication Of Shungite Jewellery

    The nano components of Shungite and the fabrication method used for turning it into an accessory can simplify the terms of its use in every field of life. You could make a fortune out of the knowledge that you gain about the components and effects of shungite on the lives of humans and animals. The cutting-edge technology used in the creation of Shungite Spheres Necklace makes sure that the original properties of the stone remain unchanged during their manufacturing to the size of 6mm beads. At NatureSupplies we make sure that you receive the authentic stone for the jewellery that has tested for it's highest quality. Originally, the shape of most shungite rocks is spherical. Its in the rarest of circumstances that you may find it in a pebble shape. While there numerous form of mineral stones that have been in use over the ages, shungite comes to mankind with the proposal of an enhancement to the lifestyle that beats them rest.

    There are several environmental hazards that approach or rather enclose us everyday in the form of a cloud. The cloud as its called is essentially data held on millions of computers and distributed by satellites or high powered cables to our computers and smartphones using wifi and 5g emf networks. Electromagnetic fields EMFs from all our convenient electrical devices are omitting 24 hours a day which our bodies absorb this is why we need shungite accessories as jewellery or ornaments around the home to breakup these dangerous emf's to protect our bodies and our family members bodies also.

    Shungite STOPS 5G WIFI Dangers Watch This Video

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