Shungite Phone Plate 30mm x 15mm

    Shungite Phone Plate (30mm x 15mm) has a compact design that can be carried around in your mobile phone case to help protect against smartphone radiation which omits from the device from high powered networks such as 4g,5g and wifi.

    Do You Know Your Smartphone Emits Radiation Even On Standby?

    Protective clothing and accessories could be the most logical ways of resisting the EMF waves that can harm your body . A far a more cost effective alternative accessory a Shungite Phone Plate (30mm x 15mm) could be a viable option. Well known for its fullerene content, this stone has worked its way up to the most distant corners of the world. The signals received by a mobile phones are enriched with electromagnetic radiation which many people in society forget about or don’t think about it as they are addicted to the device which give them the feel-good hormone which is called the dopamine effect of smartphones interaction.

    Electromagnetic fields are out there on a large scale. Some of the earliest signs that can be witnessed in humans are deteriorated body strength, frequent headaches, and irregular sleeping patterns. People who have a dire concern about the consequences of EMFs in mind retrieve themselves from the use of electronic devices to spare their immune system from any serious developments.Though most of the leads on this investigation are missing, there are a bunch of health-conscious people in the technological embrace that advise the the scarce usage of mobile phones everyday. EMF protection accessories are just a preventive measure.

    EMF & Cell Phone Facts:

    • Every cell phone on the planet is responsible for the emission of two kinds of wavelengths - ELF radiation and RF radiation. While the emission of the RF radiation is linked with the signal of the mobile network, the ELF radiation is emitted by the framework of the mobile phone. • Mobiles unwind an electromagnetic field around themselves even when they are in a stand by mode. • Keeping the mobile phone close to the ear could affect the way the brain works.

    Shungite Blocks 5G EMF & WIFI Add A Small Piece To Your Phone Cover

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