Shungite Phone Plate 30mm

    Shungite Phone Plate (30mm) could be your way of saying ‘Yes’ to a sleek, smartphone model that comes with a pleasingly available affordability factor. The most releasing asset synced with this phone plate is that it contains the purest of Zazhoginsky deposits and a size that is just enough to accommodate a standard-sized mobile phone. These days, by being close to the fantastic features of a mobile phone you might actually be risking more than you could possibly think of. By cancelling out electromagnetic fields off smartphones with shungite can only be beneficial to your health .

    Shungite Blocks Smartphone Invisible EMF's:

    EMF radiation studies show people can become irritated, depressed and have sleep disorders as well as other health problems. Shungite provides a protective biofield provided by nature for every human against the cell phone's emf rays.

    The phone plate provided by us is genuine shungite. It can be carried with full convenience to any store if you were looking for a new mobile phone and wishing to confirm the positioning of the plate. It can be even used as a decorative piece in the office. Remember, cell phones can be as good as emitting EMF waves when they are on standby mode as they are when they in use while talking or messaging. The radiation that emits from a 5g mobile phone device are penetrative enough to go deep into our cells. Shungite accessories are robust and can be placed close to the electronics and household electrical devices without expecting any form of damage that might otherwise occur due to the heat generated by the devices like microwave and refrigerator and television sets.

    Shungite Blocks EMF'S, WIFI & 5G Rays

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