Shungite Phone Plate 50mm

    Shungite rock is from Russia which has amazing properties that repel emf electro magnetic fields from electrical devices such as smartphones with Big Brands Samsung, Iphone, HTC and many more and convenient electrical devices such as ipads, computers, laptops and tv sets. Naturesupplies shungite phone plate sits nicely into a mobile phone case to help to repel dangerous 5g radiation Stop wifi,4g and other EMF waves.

    Smartphone 5g Network Emits Radiation

    Emf concerns are more apparent after the 5g network has gone live in many cities, there are numerous studies that support that electronic devices such has smartphones in 5g networks can have an unbearably bad effect on our health. BioInitiative Report - that is one report that was submitted by 29 scientists from 10 different countries. The report contains a thorough analysis of the effects of ELF, EMF and several other non-ionizing radiations on our body. This report came out to the public in the year 2012. The blood brain barrier for example is a barricade that restricts the access of any hazardous elements to the brain. The electromagnetic waves make the blood brain barrier more permeable and therefore the brain becomes more susceptible to the effects of any of the harmful devices that might be lying around.High uses of electrical devices which emit emf's and 5g radiation can deteriorate in the functioning of the body by damaging cells and the immune system which could cause disease.

    Shungite Rock Blocks EMF Radiation

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