Shungite Pyramid Polished 10cm

    Shungite Polished Pyramid 10cm x 10cm

    Protect your room from electromagnetic fields (also EMF or EM fields) from mobile phones 5g,wifi routers,computers,microwaves,smart meter's and ipads.The finish of the pyramid is simply cosmetic polished or unpolished they both are as effective as each other. Powerful polished pyramid with a massive action radius of 33 feet or 10m.

    "Base length ≈ 10 cm/ 3,94 inch; height ≈ 8 cm/ 2,46 inch"

    Sungite Pyramid Ancient Egypt Culture Links:

    Shungite stone can’t be doubted for its abilities to repel emf's. For years now, shungite has been known as an ancient stone that was recovered from the far off riverbanks of Karelia. It did become a doubt once after the discovery of Shungite that this stone would never be able to make it to a worldwide platform from the outstanding location of Karelia. The pyramid-like shape given to any raw shungite stone would only make it more stable. More than an endowment, this substance would make it to your living room as a symbolic gesture of the Egyptian era. The unaltered state of shungite metaphysical properties can be experienced only when the resolution of the issues create by the EMF has been accelerated. In ancient times, it were the pyramids that were used as a tombstone for the royals and in the comfort of full protection. Once the healing process for cleansing off the negative energies was accomplished, they would even believe the pyramid energy would have mystical powers to the afterlife. A fact that many folks might not be able to embrace is that pyramids have been in the places they are today long before the formation of the ancient egyptian empire.

    Strings are a normal finding on the surface of polished pyramids. Either ways, the presence of strings cannot be related to a questionable authentic form of a fullerene. The presence of string would only mean that the shungite stone in your workplace or at your home is infused with the qualities of pyrite. There are a couple of methods that can be used for judging the character of shungite. The method’s name would be electrical conductivity. Yet another fact about shungite that would confirm its rich identity would be its price. Shungite never comes cheap. The fake ones that come for an affordable price of approx £5 would be the ones that contains only 1% of the reliable fullerene structure and essentially the are simply a rock.This problem can be resolved by using high-quality wavelengths of electricity around the shungite stone in question. If the stone is of a conductive nature, the flow of electricity would remain disruptive and an ohmmeter would qualify that feed. This test can be conducted on the polished as well as unpolished pyramids variants of the shungite stone. After all they are supposed to work in same manner..Right!

    Shungite Test Against A WIFI Router

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