Shungite Pyramid Polished 5cm


    Shungite Polished Pyramid 5cm x 5cm

    Protect your family from harmful emf electromagnetic fields caused by mobile phones 3,4,5g,routers,ipads,computers,smart meters and microwaves,shungite is an amazing stone which stops EMF's.Polished or unpolished pyramids are both effective as each other the finish is simply cosmetic.Stop wifi / emf rays with this powerful pyramid! Ideal for a desk or in a car.

    Action radius: 13 feet or 2.6m

    Base length ≈ 5 cm/ 1,97 inch; height ≈ 3,1 cm/ 1,23 inch

    Sungite EMF - Are You Electromagnetically Sensitive:

    A polished Shungite pyramid is capable helping eradicating emf rays even if it is the size of 5cm x 5cm. EMF or electromotive force is a term used for an entity that often exists with the contact with of electronic and electrical equipments. It is important to disrupt an EMF band so that the health benefits that have been expected from food sources and health supplements in our diet can be nourish to the fullest. Shungite products make it possible for you to get rid or massively reduce effects of an EMF fields without introducing any dramatic changes in our lifestyle patterns. People who are more sensitive to the presence of EMF's are known to be electromagnetically sensitive. This would mean that they could often exhibit symptoms of geopathic stress, geopathic stress manifests itself in the form of vibrations and can compromise the immune system. Electromagnetically sensitive people might fall prey to viral, bacterial, fungal and even to the degenerative portion of the diseases within a very short span of time, early signs can be identified as constant stress, insignificant attention span and sleep deprivation.

    CNS is the human system that’s the most sensitive to the changes of EMF's. EMF waves can always gain influence by paralysing the transmission through nerves that could have otherwise escorted any negatively induced force from a radioactive influence. The responsiveness of immune system comes next. Often, been close to electromagnetic fields may make the person feel groggy, have brin fog, headaches and tired, it can be noted that such bodily changes are liable to happen in the presence of the EMF waves . A major turbulence in the levels of hormones can be experienced once the EMF waves have made it to the vital organs of the body in the form of vibes. Shungite pyramids can be of use in the instances where the customer is looking for a showpiece ornament that reflects the essence of health too. The sole maintenance procedure that would be required from your end would be of cleaning the pyramid from time to time. A polished Shungite pyramid of the size of 5cm x 5cm can be placed close to the Wifi router, laptop and even an smart phone can help repel emf rays.

    Shungite Videos Of People Testing This Amazing Stone Against EMF's & WIFI

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