Shungite Sakkara Pyramid Polished 10cm


    High quality shungite orniment designed on the sakkara pyramids in ancient Egypt which block harmful emf rays omitted by smartphones, wifi routers, laptops, ipads and household electronics, protect your home with this amazing pyramid. Radius 33 feet or 10m to repel emf's.

    Shungite History:

    Shungite Sakkara Pyramid is a perfect mix of Egyptian culture and Russian treasure. Shungite - the name was derived from the name of the village it was discovered in. It can be coincidental that the deposits were found close to the regions where the fullerenes were left in place during the Precamrian era a long time ago. The village ‘Shunga’ has been well known for centuries among the people of Russia for its enormous size. It were the later dates of July 1937 that marked the beginning of the 17th International Geological Congress. The prime purpose of this organization was of confirming the presence of a new mineral along Lake Onega. Up until then, the village of Shunga was known only for its commercial aspect and trade benefits. The geographic location of the village made it a rich trademark for sea trade which later became the mode of transport of Shungite stones from the village to different parts of the world. The exact feel of a good livelihood can only be experienced after the radical placement of a shungite accessory at home. At NatureSupplies we make sure that you receive the authenticity you’ve been hoping for from our end when it comes to providing you with any of the geomagnetic accessories.

    Staying in touch with the qualities of the Shungite Sakkara pyramid would only make your lifestyle better and health reforms reachable. Shungite in its original form has been specified as a stone that requires charging and cleansing from time to time even by a first timer. Now, how would you come to know when the effect of shungite is wearing off and it's time to cleanse it? It’s easy, really! EMF's have a way of expressing themselves. In humans they start at a cellular level by defacing the immune system. By taking over the normal functioning of the powerhouse, they make sure that the walls that act as a stable barrier against the infections as simple as flu have been taken down. Shungite Sakkara pyramid requires lesser maintenance from your end via the cycles of charging and cleansing. A regular process of charging would require immersion of the Shungite Sakkara pyramid in a solution of baking soda for 2-3 hours on a monthly basis. Once the pores are unblocked of the charged particles, the pyramid is ready to make further an act of progressive absorption again. .

    Shungite Blocks EMF's Watch These Youtubers

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