Shungite Sakkara Pyramid Polished 5cm


    Shungite Sakkara Polished Pyramid 5cm

    Mined from the Karelia region in Russia Naturesupplies sourced the most purest form of shungite manufactured into varies products but one of our most popular shungite stone products is the sakkara pryamid designed from ancient Egypt designs. This pyramid has powerful emf repellent properties against high radiating devices such as ipads, smartphone, laptops, wifi routers and computers.The radius of the effectiveness of this product is 2.6m or 8 feet.

    Shungite Accesory In A Fish Tank Can Help With Water Purification:

    Shungite Sakkara polished pyramid (5cmx5cm) is a compact version of the standard-sized Shungite Sakkara pyramid. Some shingite is found at the bottom of the sea, shungite is capable of levelling its energies once it is left again into an aqua enviroment.A shungite pyramid of the size 5cmx5cm can be easily placed in the filter, the aquarium water that passes through the filter wouldn’t just be pure but loaded with fullerenes.Yet another use of a polished sakkara shungite pyramid would be of being placed as an accessory inside the aquarium.

    A shungite pyramid can be regarded as suitable for the aquatic environments. Shungite pyramid can be suitably used for a fish tank with a capacity of upto 5 gallons. They own a torsion field that works impeccably under water. A suited level for placing a shungite pyramid at a ground level would be an elevated surface that has a height equal or lower than chest level of the consumer. In this way, it would be only the user of the pyramid who would get the feel of the entitled umbrella sustained by the actions of a polished sakkara shungite pyramid. Ideally, the pyramid accessories (polished and unpolished) require charging every 6 months.

    Of course, there is some amount of pyrite in the shungite stone. A bare truth that can nullify the unfounded belief of pyrite’s presence being a backdrop would be that shungite has been in use for years in the Russian waters. It has led several homecoming parties that would have otherwise been dependent on the use of carbon filters in the 90’s. Lake Onega is an exciting attraction that is conveniently placed in the north-western part of Russia. The shungite stoned stones mined from this location did contain pyrite content but not the one that's soaked in sulphur. For ages, the people of the local community have resorted to the use of Lake Onega as a drinking facility. Quartzite and pyrite are 2 of the most common and naturally-existing minerals that are found inevitably in every other shungite accessory.

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