Shungite Unpolished Cube 10cm

    Shungite Unpolished Cube 10cm

    At NatureSupplies we offer our visitors an amazing stone called shungite in the form of a cube and other shungite products that can repel 5g and emf waves. Shungite comes from Russia and our supplier offers the purest form of this amazing stone which has amazing properties that stops emf's and smartphone radiation.Radius of protection 33 feet or 10m.

    Shungite STOPS EMF's & 5G Networks On Smartphones:

    A technology has moved really fast in the last 20 years from computers with a 4mg storage device to a iphone which has a huge 128 gigabites storage and processing power which is outrageous compared to 20 years ago, but, everything is advancing in size like hd videos and streaming video content over the internet on smartphones this is why the increase of wireless date is speeding up but at what cost? During this process of constant growth of knowledge provided by the internet our devices are processing the data and omitting higher doses of radiation, emf's no more than 5g. 5G is a data service that began its arrival in 5 April 2019. 5G is an internet connection service that uses high-frequency millimetre waves that penetrates the body and nobody knows what damage it could cause in the future.

    Extremely high frequency (EHF) or Millimeter Wave MMW exerts a surprisingly similar effect on the human tissues and organs as does the EMF. It's only the variation in the magnitude of the effect that is huge. The normal value of frequency that can be expected from the MMW would belong to the range of 30 to 300 GHz. A higher range of magnitude would mean a higher level of penetration at a cellular level. You might even remotely consider the possibility of MMW being more horrendous at its tentative health-related work when assuaged for assistance on a roll. The noticeable signs of a conditions that may follow the constant exposure to EMF and MMW begin their philander at the surface of the age of 35 when skin’s thickness begins to shrink due to a constant and irrecoverable dissolution of collagen. The impalpable reception and action of EMF has always worked in favour for the MMW. The MMW radiation emitted by a 5G network passes reluctantly through the walls and liquids. This restriction places us in a stringent situation. The desired speed of a 4G or 5G network can be regained with a strong tower coverage. A big chunk of the present-day network towers that offer mobile data supply to continents throughout the world are integrated for supporting the speed of a 4G network. Since the 4G signals bridge a distance of 22 miles with one tower for an ideal connectivity, one can expect a lopsided cut in the number of towers when the 5G signal antennas would take their place. The new towers would be held apart from each other at a distance of 150m. This would imply that the value of EMF in the forthcoming scenario would only be more upsetting by no further exchange.

    Video Content Of Real People Proving Shungite Blocks EMF & WIFI

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