Shungite Pyramid Unpolished 10cm

    Shungite Unpolished Pyramid 10cm

    Massive radius of protection 10m or 33 feet this pyramid is perfect in a room to give maximum protection against EMF rays from computers,ipads,smart meter's,mobile phones 3,4,5g and wifi.Shunite polished or unpolished gives the same protection the finish of the pyramid is a personal preference.

    "Base length ≈ 10 cm/ 3,94 inch; height ≈ 8 cm/ 2,46 inch"

    Sungite EMF - Are You Electromagnetically Sensitive:

    Muladhara - a common term used by the yoga specialists around the world. For those who are new to the terms of energy science, root chakra is the point in our body where the energy flow for the remaining parts of the body is created. In addition to being the source of vitality, root chakra is connected the gravitational force of the earth. A freshened up root chakra makes it possible for you to unravel all the hidden aspects of your health. There are several other chakras in the body that rely on the working and the stable nature of the root chakra for their appropriate functioning. How would you condense the thought that you might have a blocked root chakra? Enlisted below are some of the primary signs that can be looked out for to ascertain the thought that there might be a blocking of the root chakra in your body, kidney dysfunction, constant nagging by leg tissues, bladder blockade and lack of sex drive

    Shungite has been used for decades by guru's to eliminate negative energies and keep the flow of energy in harmony, the pyramid for has always been the most popular in meditation circles as they believe this design was from the ancient Egyptians which had hidden energy properties with the celestial alignment of the starts in our solar system. Shungite can be ordered along with other minerals and crystalline forms without any interference from the fullerenes properties, other stones which are popular with customers are garnet, crystal quartz and an unflinched ruby. Many believe each crystal has their own magical properties which people carry with them of strategically place around their homes to get the energy levels in sync, shungite can make this process more powerful by blocking emf radiation rays and lets the crystals become more powerful.

    Watch How Shungite Blocks EMF & WIFI & EMF Vidoe Shows How Powderful This Stone Really Is!

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