Shungite Pyramid Unpolished 5cm


    Shungite Unpolished Pyramid 5cm x 5cm

    Protects in a radius: 2.6m or 8 feet perfect in a vehicle or next to a laptop,ipads,computers,smart meters or mobile phones 5g.The appearance of the pyramid is simply cosmetic polished or unpolished they are both effective as each other.

    Base length ≈ 5 cm/ 1,97 inch; height ≈ 3,1 cm/ 1,23 inch

    Shungite EMF - Are You Electromagnetically Sensitive:

    One of the most prevalent practices coherent with the lifestyle in Japan is Reiki. Reiki is a rejuvenating practice that involves the use of hands. The calmness and poise that accompanies every session of reiki is immense enough to take you through the week. The work reiki involves the use of 2 Japanese words - Rey and Ki, which would respectively imply the meaningful tendencies of ‘spiritual nature’ and ‘exotic energy’. It is important for one to be in full control of their life’s force to avoid the expense of energy flow towards stress and free radicals which attack the immune system. People who own the professional ease of practicing reiki on humans are capable of returning the body to their normal state. The Reiki masters accomplish the aforementioned task by going through a process of concentrating energies from different parts of the body to a single centre through which the energy is suitably imparted to the body they are in touch with. Pyramids too that can handle the flow of such energies with equal calibration. Be it in a polished or unpolished state - the pointed exaggeration at one end of the pyramid is always essential for the flow of energy through a shungite pyramid.

    For centuries, the Egyptians have confirmed the role of pyramids in forming an intimate connection with one’s inner being and spirituality. For the ease of understanding, one might say that such a connection would only be possible once negetive energy is eliminated. It's an Egyptian belief that was used as a guide for shaping up the new polished and unpolished series of pyramids. Also, the practice of reiki was used for finalizing the shape of the pyramid of the shungite for the households. Shungite pyramids are available online indifferent sizes and forms. In case you haven’t noticed, most of the reiki sessions are focused on the flow of energy through the hands. It's the hands that play an essential role in making the practice of reiki a success. There are chakras in hands which when activated are capable of guiding the flow of negative energies from body into the environment. Its for this reason that the use of shungite pyramids (specifically the unpolished one) is encouraged for an hour in the palm of the hands everyday. Apart from cleansing, the pyramid can be charged from time to time by being exposed to the rays of sun once in a while.

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