Shungite Stonewicky Set Unpolished


    Stonewicky Shungite Stone Set

    Satellite phones and Gigabyte tablets have travelled decades and possibly every other particle in the air. The newest convenience provided by the internet connectivity is of the Apple Watch that can be practically worn on the wrist until the last minute of the day. The bizarre amount of info provided by the internet encourages the flow of the dangerous EMF waves through our lives for convenience in our lives using technology and dopemine of a like by someone on a social media post. The earliest research shows exposure of emf rays can cause catastrofic problems to the body in the following forms depression, insomnia, brainfog and immune system deficincies, Shungite stonewicky set can help repel those emf's from wifi, smartphones, smartmeters, computers and ipad tablets.The radius protection is 2.6m or 8 feet.

    Shungite Can Be Used In Baths:

    Protection from EMF waves should be paramount to our health. The earliest signs of a change that can be spotted in our body are unusual sleeping patterns, increasing stress levels, decreased energy and aches and pains fibromyalgia. Over the years, Shungite - a sea bed mineral or mined from a quarry in Russia has managed to gain the same level of hype as black tourmaline, shungite is a mineral based stone that isn’t related to any crystal.

    NatureSupplies Unpolished Shungite Stonewicky set is the best quality shungite mineral direct from the borders of the Russian village. It was the juncture of the Paleo-proterozoic age, when the villagers of Karelia set their eyes for the first time on the powers of shungite. Trapped within the algae and other sediments of the soil, was the shungite resting in the bed of the sea. The most initial and sober use of shungite after its discovery was in the industries and spring water baths. The popular use however was introduced from baths of Peter Alexeyevich, who was a Czar of the Russian settlement during the ending 1600’s. Since then, not a day has gone by when the qualities of shungite have not been used.

    Watch Shungite STOP EMF Rays

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