Star Flower Oil

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    Starflower Oil Benefits

    Star flower "Borago Officinalis" is traditionally cultivated mainly as oil of starflower but it can also be used as a dried herb or vegetable. Starflowers are grown in the UK, many parts of Europe and Africa which once processed into oil is called star flower oil or borage oil. Starflower or borage seed oil contains fatty acids and Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) which can be an additional supplement to a person's diet in case they are deficient in GLA.

    • Starflower (Borage) Oil 530mg, Shell (Bovine Gelatin, Glycerin, Water)

    Dose: 1 to 2 capsules per day

    Borago Officianalis - Star Flower Oil Facts

    Borago Officianalis is a common herb that can be found in every researcher’s laboratory. In any form, borage is used as a source of sugars that can be found in immense proportions on the surface of the earth in the months beginning from November to January. Some of the other organic compounds that fill the pitcher of the herb are allantoin, potassium nitrate and tannins. Seeds are the primeval source of extraction that is used for the preparation of star flower supplements. Upon their entrance into the human body, each of the star flower components gets converted to compounds that release of arachidonic acid.

    Star flower is loaded with gamma-linoleic acid - the component which is beneficial against the deposits that settle in the adrenal cortex region of the kidneys. Gamma-linoleic acid readily converted into prostaglandins once it has been metabolized in the body. Its prime function as prostaglandin 1 is of relaxing the glands of the adrenal cortex. This action bears an indirect effect on blood pressure. Star flower could be your supplement of choice if you were primarily looking for a Ɣ-linoleic acid substitute. GLA is readily accepted by the body as a yet another essential fatty acid that is settles favorably around the surfaces of bones and joints. Cervical ripening or dilatation of the cervix is essential during childbirth. In some cases, it is induced to avoid a miscarriage. This settles the hardship that a mother has to go through during her labor. Ɣ-linoleic acid has the sufficiency of broadening the cervical circumference by dilating the vessels near it. In medieval times, Borago Officianalis was used as a cocktail component to make the drink more refreshing for the customers. The Romans used it to prepare an elixir by mixing it with wine. It was used as a farewell drink before the soldiers marched their way to the battlegrounds. The profound effect of Ɣ-linoleic acid on the nerves became an unstaggering focus of studies conducted in the 1940s.

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