Scalar Energy Sunflower Anti Radiation Phone Sticker

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    Scalar Energy Sunflower Anti Radiation Phone Sticker Yellow

    Naturesupplies yellow sunflower design anti-radiation smartphone stickers. This amazing stick not only reduces radiation on your phone but is also full of scalar energy and negative ions to protect the body from dangerous positive ions which emf electromagnetic fields from 5g and wifi which bombard our bodies.


    Yellow sunflower anti radiation sticker


    Simply stick onto your smartphone

    Anti Radiation Sticker For IPADS & Phones

    Scalar energy anti radiation sunflower sticker for phone is a stalwart accessory that can be affixed onto a mobile case that is being used for keeping the mobile from harm. Radiation sent through the mobile signals can mess with the health of the people in your immediate vicinity too. It could be your dog or neighbour or even your own kid. Texting is always a safer way to use the mobile. Scalar energy is another way of doing it. Scalar energy was discovered as a new form of energy that was introduced as a resuscitative option for plants, humans, and animals by Thomas E Bearden. A scalar energy anti radiation sunflower sticker brings the concept of Chi closer to a regular user of mobile phone. There have been studies performed on the effects of radiation emitted by mobile signals and they all have just one conclusion to state - People who use mobile for over an hour to talk are more liable to catch a precancerous condition. The earlier effects of EMF can be observed in the form of sleepless nights, frequent migraines, plummeting bone density and lowered sperm count.

    With the availability of 5G network coming into the towns, more studies would be required with regards to assessing and finding ways to persecute all the possible afflictions that the network’s signals would stretch towards the human race. To erase the effects of radiation from our lives there are the accessories that are meant to be appended to its sources. The yellow-coloured scalar energy anti radiation sunflower sticker sticks to most cases that hold advanced android phones. It isn’t a pricing accessory when valued against the gigantic relationship one has with his/her health. Android phones aren’t stable on their own to reduce the emission of electromagnetic waves when the mobile phone is running low on battery and still in use (especially for a call). Using a speaker on the phone for taking or making calls can lessen the distance between the ear and the mobile network signals but doing so might jeopardize the privacy of the conversations. The genuineness of an anti-radiation sticker has been widely accepted by the Japanese technology experts who have nothing but good things to say about it!

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