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    Garlic Benefits

    Garlic known as "Allium Setivum" is a very popular vegetable which is related to the onion and leek family which many people eat daily for a healthy lifestyle. Garlic is very popular in cooking but the odor on peoples breath can be very off-putting that's why Naturesupplies created odorless garlic capsules. Garlic cloves are rich in two enzymes called allicin and alliinase, the two enzymes react with each other to produce an organosulphur compound called allicin which is responsible for the strong smell. When the garlic clove is whole alliinase is trapped inside the cells and can't react with alliin so the garlic needs to be crushed or chopped which creates the enzymatic reaction to take place which releases amazing properties such as Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Copper, Selenium, Calcium and Vitamin B1.

    • Super Garlic Capsules (6000mg)
    • Soya bean oil, garlic extract, shell: (bovine gelatin, glycerin, water)

    Dose: 1 capsule per day

    Scientists Study Garlic

    Allium Sativum is a word of Latin origin that is used to describe the irreplaceable assets of garlic cloves. Throughout civilizations, garlic has been known & grown for the purpose of cooking. Nevertheless, the present-day use of garlic is more confined to the scientific approaches as many people find the odor of this veggie quite repulsive in a recipe. The plant as a whole is 3 feet tall and is cultivated annually. The bulblets or cloves of garlic are usually 35 in number and form the pattern of roseate around the bulb at the core. The high sulfur content of garlic makes it exclusive for use in cases that people aren’t allergic to the use of sulfur. While there is a compilation of 6 active sulfur compounds in garlic extract, Diallyl disulfide has been rooted for as the most useful one by the scientists. It is a strong-odor plant component that can be found in some of the other species of Allium plants too. Also, known as Garcilin, Diallyl disulfide works perfectly on the ins and outs of the glucose-related pathways. It is safe for consumption by hypertensive and diabetic people. The garlic capsules ordered through our site offer the benefits of garlic extract without the bother of an unpleasant odor.

    Garlic extract exerts its actions in the body with the help of its enzymes namely - Allicin and Allinase. Each of these enzymes has been noted for their sulfur-support action. By realizing a group of cations, they make the process of nutrient bioavailability a lot easier. The early use of this plant took place in the arid lands of Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. Some of the common mega nutrients that can be doted for with the use of garlic capsules are Vitamin C, Vitamin B1 & B6, Selenium and Copper. Garlic supplements are not meant for people with a long-term history of gastric acid reflux. Capsules are the most reliable and comfortable form of using garlic.

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