Urine Test Strips

  • Helps monitor for urine infections
  • Easy to use
  • 5 tests in one
  • 100 strips per tub
  • Directions sheet included
  • Overview
  • Ingredients
  • Instructions

Naturesupplies urine test strips are an easy solution to get an indication if your urine is carrying an infection. Each bottle contains 100 strips which provide an easy method to test urine to see if there are any infection levels. The higher reading on the strips indicates infection and a doctor’s visit or alternative products to support urinary tract health should be considered such as d-mannose, naturesbiotic and wild oregano oil. Visit our bladder infection section for more details on these products.

What can I read?

Protein, PH, Leukocytes, Nitrates and Blood

If you suffer from chronic urine infections or cystitis it’s a great way to monitor your urine to see if infections are brewing. Many people find spicy or sugary foods or drinks like coffee or alcohol are a trigger for UTI. The strips are used by medical professionals so you are guaranteed an accurate result but are best followed up with a doctor’s visit.



We will send out a directions sheet with every order so our customers can get the right results – 100 strips per tub.

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