Wintergreen Oil

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    Wintergreen Oil

    Wintergreen is usually found is muscle rub creams, which makes the skin feel like its on fire then the pain eases. Ths amazing essential oil is available at Naturesupplies in its purest concentrated oil form which can be added to a carrier oil or mixed as a cream, Naturesupplies oils are gmo and pestercide free so our customers know they are buying a quality oil.

    • Wintergreen Oil

    Dose: Up to 2 to 3 drops per day massaged into the skin or diluted into a carrier oil

    Wintergreen Spicy Fiery Rub

    Wintergreen Oil is a prime & natural source of methyl salicylate and therefore a standard ingredient in every other pharmaceutical drug. One of the earliest sources of salicylic acid to be used for drugs was willow bark in the year 1860. Moisturizers could cost you a fortune when you opt for the branded ones. Wintergreen oil, however, could fetch you the same bargain for a fairer price. Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens) leaf is the first to percolate in the season of winter and is evergreen. Some of the common criteria for using it as a topical ointment or a remarkable recipe can be found in its ingredients.

    Gaultherin is an active salicylate that is readily reduced in the human intestine to a usable form by beta glucosidase. Unlike most synthetically prepared salicylates, gaultherin is competent in providing the comfort of a NSAID without providing a non-ulcerogenic effect during its passage through the stomach by not interacting with the cyclooxygenase-1 enzyme.

    Quinine is an antiprotozoal agent that marks its territory around the infections that are resistant to the action of chloroquine. It is obtained from the cinchona bark. There is a common misconception between the origins and actions of peppermint and wintergreen. While the peppermint leaves are a part of the mint family, the wintergreen leaves belong to the plant species of gaultheria. Wintergreen oil is used in most moisture-assuring preparations but in meagre amounts. However, with the purchase of wintergreen oil, you can make a soothing pulp of your own that contains the exact amount of wintergreen component required for your kind of skin. The salicylate properties of wintergreen oil can be inhaled through its vapors.

    The topical use of wintergreen oil can be soothing when used as a rub. All you would need is:

    1 cup of coconut oil.

    1/2 cup of grated beeswax.

    4 teaspoons cayenne powder.

    4 teaspoons of turmeric powder.

    30 drops of wintergreen essential oil.

    Add all the content into a mix (except the oils) and then into a saucepan. Thaw them at a very low temperature to maintain the integrity of the contents. The heating process should last for approximately 2 minutes. Once the preparation is made, add the rest of the contents to the mix. You can apply this rub recipe onto the body like a muscular or joint massage.

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