Boost the good bacteria in your gut with Naturesupplies probiotics range. There are high-quality ingredients in all our products and you can choose from a 5 billion blend to a massive 40 billion blend. If you are looking for Probiotics in the UK, you have arrived at the right place as we have an array of capsules, tablets and powders to select from.

£12.00 IncVat

Probiotics are effective at promoting normal gut health. Supplements from this range are among our best-sellers at Naturesupplies. Our Probiotics contain a premium blend of ingredients to support your gut health. These capsules supply the gut with good bacteria to ensure its normal function and prevent a microbial imbalance. The healthy, ‘good’ bacteria in our Probiotic supplements is naturally found within our intestines. Our Probiotic supplements include our Bio Cultures Probiotic, Billion per dose. These supplements from Naturesupplies have been formulated to create a cutting-edge product. Another choice from this section are our Probiotics 5 billion per dose capsules. These capsules are part of the next generation of probiotic supplements. These supplements support our gut health which is integral to our overall health. Another product from this range is our Slippery Elm Powder. This has been used for hundreds of years by American Indians and Ancient Mayans for their botanical qualities.