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Our premium D-mannose products at Naturesupplies have received positive reviews from thousands of happy customers. We have a very interesting article with some of the worlds best reports on D Mannose – here.

The American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology Research in to D’Mannose and Results on UTI’s.

Quote: “The goal of this study was to compare D-mannose to other agents and placebo for rUTI prevention in adult women and to combine evidence for its effectiveness, side effects, and compliance. We performed an SR of 8 original research publications that met eligibility criteria. Ultimately, 3 of 8 studies in the SR had available data for further evaluation in an MA. Overall, our MA suggests that D-mannose is protective for recurrent UTI (vs placebo) with possibly similar effectiveness as antibiotics,
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Advice on NHS Website

Ways to prevent some UTIs coming back. If you keep getting a bladder infection (cystitis), there is some evidence it may be helpful to take:

  • D-mannose – a sugar you can buy as a powder or tablets to take every day

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We have a massive database of Q & A on D Mannose if you want to learn more.

D-Mannose is a Naturally Occurring Simple Sugar

D-mannose is a type of sugar which is a close relation to the better-known glucose. In fact, it is a Monosaccharide Isomer of Glucose. This simple sugar is produced naturally, in very small quantities, by the human body. It can also be found in various types of fruit including cranberries. The term ‘a simple sugar’ refers to the fact D-mannose contains just one molecule of sugar. D-mannose from Naturesupplies is free from genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) and any contaminants or residues. All our supplements are manufactured in strict hygiene conditions under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Wide Range of D-mannose Supplements Available

Whether you are thinking of trying this natural supplement for the first time or you are on the lookout for a new supplier, we have a large collection of D-mannose products available, providing you with an unrivalled amount of choice. Naturesupplies has 1000mg tablets and 500mg capsules to select from in addition to powder supplements. Our tablets and powders are available in tubs and pouches. We are always sourcing new products to add to this range too, therefore offering you an even greater number of options. Products from this range of supplements including powders, tablets and capsules are available for fast and reliable worldwide delivery.

Easy-to take D-mannose Powders and Tablets

If you don’t like taking tablets and capsules, then D-mannose powder is the supplement for you. Our powder can be dissolved easily in water and has a slightly sweet taste. This powder has a white colour and soft texture which is why it dissolves in liquid so easily. Our re-sealable pouches and lid-tight tubs will keep your D-mannose powder fresh for the next time you use it. Tablets and capsules from this range have a special coating which not only extends their shelf-life but also makes them more pleasant to swallow. Tablets and capsules are popular among customers with a busy lifestyle and what a quick and convenient supplement to take on the go.

Become a Naturesupplies Customer

This simple sugar supplement is suitable for people of all genders and ages. It is taken by babies and children right up to the elderly. Over many years, Naturesupplies have built up a customer base which love our D-mannose supplements and keep coming back for more. Our outstanding products and service means we have a five-star rating on Trustpilot. If you would like to become our latest D-mannose customer then why not browse our large collection of supplements and buy direct from our website? You can also get in touch with Naturesupplies for more information. There are many different options available including buying D-mannose in bulk which makes acquiring this supplement more cost effective. Many customers prefer pouches or postal packers (Flat packs) for delivery as they fit through their letterbox in case no one is home.

Popular FAQ's

What is D-mannose?

D-mannose is a simple sugar and an isomer of glucose. The term ‘simple sugar’ refers to the fact D-mannose contains just one molecule of sugar. The absorption of Mannose takes place up to eight times slower than glucose and instead of being stored in the liver it travels directly into the bloodstream from the gastrointestinal tract.

How much D-mannose should I take?

For long-term maintenance purposes, you can take two D-mannose tablets a day or two scoops of powder. When required, you can take more D-mannose but do not exceed nine tablets or seven scoops a day.

How can you sell D-mannose at such low online prices?

We work closely with our suppliers to provide you with a wide range of premium D-mannose supplements at the low online prices.

How do I take D-mannose powder?

D-mannose powder can be dissolved in a glass of water before drinking.

Why do your D-mannose tablets contain vegetable stearate?

Stearic acid can be found within many different types of meat, poultry, fish, eggs, butter and grains and is perfectly safe.

Where can I buy D-mannose from in the UK?

Naturesupplies has a wide range of D-mannose supplements, including tablets and powders, to choose from. You can even buy in bulk direct from our website.

Can I give D-mannose to my pet?

Yes, D-mannose is suitable for pets like cats, dogs and other domesticated animals.

Is D-mannose suitable for children and babies?

D-mannose is suitable for children and babies, although, it is recommended that you choose D-mannose powder as tablets could be a choking hazard.

Can D-mannose be taken with antibiotics?

Yes, you can take D-mannose whilst you’re on a course of antibiotics or other type of medication.

What is D-mannose found in?

A tiny amount of D-mannose can be found in the human body. D-mannose also occurs naturally in various types of fruit and vegetables like apples, cranberries, broccoli and green beans.