Browse through our high-quality Turmeric supplements range. It is probably better known as an aromatic spice used within Indian cuisine, but Turmeric is also a much-valued natural supplement. Our premium Turmeric products include both oils and capsules. We are among the biggest suppliers of Turmeric supplements in the UK, offering premium products at low prices.


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Turmeric Oil 10ml

£10.00 IncVat

The Turmeric plant has its origins in Southeast Asia. It is the ingredient, curcumin, within turmeric which provides many of its standout qualities, including its distinctive yellow and orange colour. In many plants, the goodness derives from their leaves, with turmeric, it is the root of this plant which is the most valuable part. Our Turmeric, Blackpepper and Ginger Vegan Capsules provide you with a convenient way of taking this plant-based product. We also supply Turmeric Oil, which is among our best-selling supplements. Turmeric oil is used as a massage oil and can be blended with a suitable carrier. Turmeric is renowned for its capability of supporting our general well-being and is therefore held in high esteem throughout the natural supplement world. It is therefore no surprise that it has been used for a wide range of purposes throughout history and continues to be a popular food spice and health supplement in the 21st century.