Satori: Oxytocin, Thymus And Pineal

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    Satori: Oxytocin, Thymus And Pineal | The Fourth Chakra

    The thymus endocrine gland at a physical level is essential to the immune system functions. On a spiritual level, it's associated with compassion, love and many say it's connected with the fourth chakra. In today's society, we are bombarded with chemicals, emf's and pollution, many believe vaccinations can damage the thymus gland. Remedylink supplement thymus peptides may help the endrocrine gland to recover on a phycological and spiritual level

    Satori powder is an unambiguous supplement that handles the functioning of pineal and thymus glands with perfect ease. Glands are important for the transportation of the nutrients. Hormones can be a tough thing to handle once you’ve entered puberty. They bring the real picture of the gland’s working to every test that is performed from time to time as a routine check-up. For instance, pineal gland would be ideally located in the centre of the brain and is primarily responsible for the regulation of different types of hormones and production of melatonin. Melatonin and hormones are the highlighters of teenage years. It is important to keep an eye on their intake and control to take over the best that the gland could give. At NatureSupplies we review each and every content of the Satori capsule to ensure a quality release.

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    A proprietary blend of epitalon, thymulin, oxytocin, msm and salt.



    Take out a capsule from the bottle and empty its contents onto a paper.

    Put the contents of the capsule into the bottle and mix them with distilled water. Shake firmly.

    Connect With The Fourth Chakra - Satori Ingredients

    Enlisted below are the features of the capsule’s contents:

    Thymulin : it is secreted by the incredibly-functioning thymus gland that is located right in the middle of the chest. Also, known as the ‘serum thymic factor’, thymulin contributes in a big way to the preparation by conforming to the role of inflammation regulator and circadian rhythm promoter. Age is a decisive factor that contributes to the decline of thymopoiesis. Thymopoiesis is the functional protocol involved in the maturation of T cells.

    Oxytocin : It is a pituitary hormone that is directly related to the posterior pituitary section of the brain. Like thymulin, even oxytocin is a major releaser of vitality for the reproductive system of the human body.

    Epitalon : It is a synthetically prepared peptide that resembles the naturally occurring epithalamin in its actions towards the body. Epitalon is a chromosome’s telomere activator that develops to protect that DNA from any kind of error during the divisional phase. Epitalon’s role to the hypothalamus is compliant to the role of thymus’s hormones towards every corpuscle of the gland.

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