Shungite Flat Circle 5cm Stand

    Shungite Flat Circle 5cm Stand

    Discover Naturesupplies unique circular stand for drinks or plants. The amazing shungite stand is ideal to use in a functional way but with the added value of having protection against emf's from electrical devices.

    Shungite Circular Stand For Drinks

    Shungite Flat Circle Stand (5cm) can be safely kept close to the body during any medical procedure. It could be a nearby surface or a pocket where the shungite circle stand would be able to fit in comfortably due to its perfectly enabled compact size. Shungite is a lustrous rock that is composed of carbon spheres which have gradually become an asset in every field that affects human life. For instance, nanomedicine is the field of medicine that looks forward to using fullerenes in theranostic applications. MRI EMF'S contrast agents are the dyes that are used for enhancing the shape and structure of every vital organ of the body during a MRI scan. One of the commonest contrast agents used in MRI scan is gadolinium. Gadolinium isn’t a safe chemical to use in patients with kidney problems. Continual efforts to replace this chemical has led to the shaping of Gadolinium-containing endohedral fullerenes that endearingly serve the purpose of a contrast agent. Purchasing shungite for external use is safe through the NatureSupplies website.

    Enlisted below are some pointers that can be used before the purchase of any shungite accessory:

    Don’t go cheap on the price, real shungite always carries a premium price tag, if its cheap t will be fake!

    A real shungite is one that has been exported from the Republic of Karelia, Russia.

    Shungite products could either be polished or smooth. Streaks are a normal finding on the surface of a genuine shungite stone.

    Real shungite would always be a fair conductor of electricity. This is the asset that demarcates the use of shungite from the other mineral rocks that contain carbon.

    If you are sensitive to the flow of energy in your surrounds, you would be able to feel a difference when you place your hand over a shungite pyramid or shungite sphere necklace.

    Shungite STOPS WIFI

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