Shungite Powder

    Shungite Powder

    Shungite powder is made by crushing the shungite stone with the finest quality equipment. While shungite can be optionally milled to any decent and stable size, the common ones found in the market are the ones that belong to the range of 1 to 3 mm and go upto 5mm. Shungite powder was also used by the Russian military to filter the bacteria and chemicals out of water. Shungite paste is another use, this would require the mixing of shungite powder into water with the ratio of 1:2 one part water 2 parts shungite. The paste can be applied uniform on any surface that is closest to the source of EMF waves. The paste should always turned into a mix with a creamy consistency. Shungite paste could be used on plasterboard's, paint and wallpaper paste adhesive the use is upto the individual on where they can add shungite to get protection from emf radiation from computers, laptops, smart phones, smart metres, tablets and wifi routers.

    Shungite Powder Purifies Water & Fend Off Emf Rays:

    ‘Orgone’ is an energy related term that was coined in the year 1940. It was an Austrian scientist named Wilhelm Reich who unveiled the shenanigans of this energy ritual to the world. According to Reich, Orgone energy is like a life force that supports our body firmly against the forces of the cosmos. Reich examined most of the patients that were put on the table by Sigmund Freud. During the World War II, Reich established his theory by building an Orgone accumulator. Its was the first of its kind. The purpose of building it was of accumulating the Orgone energy of a socially acceptable crowd at a given geographic location in one place. Soon, after his demise his work was followed up by Karl Hans Welz. Welz created a substance known as Orgonite that was a combination of well-grounded metal particles and a resinous matrix. Also, he added quartz to the mix to avoid any chances of degradation in the quality of the mix while its at work with the process of energy accumulation. Shungite powder can be be added to an orgone pyramid mix to add the properties of emf radiation rays been repelled.

    Watch How Shungite Blocks EMF & WIFI

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