Centella Asiatica Oil

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    Centella Asiatica Oil Benefits

    Grown in Asia the plant pennywork thrives in wet swap areas and is harvested for it's essential oil, this plant has active components present in its properties which are exceptionally helpful in the regeneration of tissue and collagen synthesis. Moreover, it firms up the skin and prevents wrinkles. Overall, this makes it a natural anti ageing agent which is called in India Gotu Kola oil. Also Known As Wonderful Kola, used in ancient times as early as 3000 years ago people have been adding it to their food and drink (gotu kola tea) Indian people utilised it to bolster brain function by increasing alertness,improving memory, stimulates the growth of nails and hair.. Eating two leaves daily was a regular routine for it was believed to maintain youth and make the skin beautiful.

    • Gotu kola - Asiatica centella

    Dose: Up to 2 to 3 drops per day massaged into the skin or diluted into a carrier oil

    Centella Asiatica Facts:

    Centella asiatica is an essential oil from the penywort plant species that has been a popular with traditional remedies in India and in many countries in Asia. Also, known by the name of gotu kola, Centella asiatica flaunts its performance by stalling the oxidation procedures of the body that involve the proteins and lipids as the reductive compounds. By doing so, Centella asiatica raises the levels of essential enzymes in the body. The cultivation of this herb is primarily confined to the warmer regions of the world. Instead of the isolated patches of land in the middle regions of any continent, this plant is prone to flourishing to its fullest length in the land areas that remain close to the sea surface and other water bodies. The seeds for this plants are scattered on a seasonal basis during the earliest signs of spring. The planting is prepared well in advance for the harvest to make it in time. For instance, the manure and nutrients are used in a dose for every hectare of land ploughed for the purpose of growing Centella asiatica organically.

    Centella asiatica contains a socially acceptable phenolic compound with the name of Asiaticoside. Asiaticoside is capable of raising levels of collagen of type 1 variety. Type 1 collagen is the form of collagen that exists in the cells that constitute the connective tissue. Also, Asiaticoside forms a protective layer over the neural cells and protects them against the damages that could possibly be incurred by debeliating compounds of free radicals. Asiaticoside is an exclusive phenolic compound that interferes with the formation beta-amyloid plaque that inculcates its direct and unnecessary effect into the neurons with its mere presence around it. Centella Asiatica Oil can be best used for its assets in a topical form on the skin. The application of Centella Asiatica Oil is mostly prescribed in a diluted form when used topically. Many herbalists have confused Centella Asiatica with Bacopa Monnieri (also known as Brahmi). Apart from terpenoids, it’s the fatty acids and alkaloids like hydrocotyle that form the stem of Gotu Kola.

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