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  • 50g of powder per pouch or round tub
  • 50 x 1000mg tablets per flat tub
  • 50 x 1300mg d-mannose cranberry hibiscus chewable tablets

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Our customer database is huge from the elderly,babies,people with Multiple sclerosis (MS),spinal cord injuries and even animals everyone loves d-mannose!

The simple sugar that everyone is talking about

Naturesupplies d'mannose is a monosaccharide isomer of glucose. Although small amounts are metabolised by the human body, much of it is rapidly excreted in the urine. Naturesupplies supplements are manufactured in strict hygiene conditions under GMP standards to produce the best quality products for our customers.

Unique To Naturesupplies Chewable D-mannose Cranberry & Hibiscus Tablets

New - Try our new chewable d-mannose tablets they taste fantastic!

Powder or tablets the choice is yours?

Powder is the most popular way many customers find to take d'mannose as it dissolves into liquid,also many people find tablets are a convenient option as they are easy to take when out and about.

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Dmannose is taken in different amounts by our customers as every case is different. Many customers take 2 tablets or 1 spoonful of d-mannose powder in the morning and before bedtime, while other customers take dmannose when needed,as every case is different our customers find the right amount that works for their needs.

(Many customers prefer pouches or postal packers (Flat packs) for delivery as they fit through their letterbox in case no one is home)

  • 1000mg Tablets Pure D-Mannose
  • Powder Simply D-mannose
  • D-mannose Chewables - 1300mg each (active ingredients: 600mg D-mannose, Elli Rose,cranberry, Pacran

Dose: Powder
1 spoonful of powder 1 - 7 times per day

1 to 14 tablets per day – Servings 50 tablets per flat pack bag / tub.D-mannose cranberry hibiscus chewables from 3 to 14 tablets per day,minimum 3 per day.

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D-Mannose Powder D-Mannose Pouch
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Product description: D-mannose is a simple sugar with a chemical structure that is a mirror opposite to glucose. Its geometric structure has made it very popular as a supplement
5/ 5stars
Without the d-mannose I wouldn't had any quality of life... And I recommend it to al my patients suffering from UVI , Published 18 August 2015
5 stars
Excellent service
5/ 5stars
Delivery was fast (5 working days) in Romania. Ordered for the second time D-mannose. E-coli UTI did not cleared only taking D-mannose, but taking them for prevention I ended up having infection once in 5 month. Before I hed one every 1-2 month. Anyway I am not taking antibiotic to clear up but I managed to clear the infection with some natural antibiotics. , Published 20 July 2015
5 stars
Very easy ordering and quick delivery..
5/ 5stars
Ordered a few products from this company. The website is easy to use and gives clear information. Items ordered arrived promptly. Have used their products before and they did perform better than advice from GP. , Published 20 June 2015
5 stars
D. Mannose
5/ 5stars
Brilliant service and D Mannose in letterbox friendly tubs, so no trips to collect them just because you were out when they tried to deliver. , Published 13 May 2015
5 stars
Great service, very flexible
5/ 5stars
I ordered 2 packs of the D-Mannose, but wanted one to go to my mother... I emailed them and they got straight back to me, and sent the items off very promptly to the two different addresses. The product quality is very high from this company and their communication is quick, efficient and friendly. , Published 04 April 2015
5 stars