Dr Mercola Vitamin K2

    30 x 180mcg Capsules
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    Dr Mercola Vitamin K2 From Chickpeas

    Highest quality K2 on the market made with natto ancient japanese food using fermented chickpeas which are gmo free and soy free. Vitamin K2 is an essential compound to the body for the unwanted buildup of calcium, MGP (matrix Gla protein) is essential to stop the build up of calcium in arteries and the organs in the body but this protein need Vit K2 to function.

    • Vitamin K2 (As Menaquinone-7) MK-7 Made From Chickpea
    • Rosemary Leaf Extract
    • Ascorbryl Palmitate
    • Microcrystalline Cellulose, Glycerol Monostearate
    • Capsule Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose

    Take 1 capsule per day

    Dr. Schurgers Vitamin K Research

    Vitamin K is one of the most processed yet the most sublimated vitamins of human history. A surprising fact about this vitamin is that if you are looking forward to replenishing the stores of Vitamin K2 in the body, you would have to use a vitamin D based diet or supplement as an adjunct. The process works in a similar way for vitamin D too. Vitamin K2 is different from vitamin K1. One of the foremost theories that indulged in their differentiation was put forth by Dr. Schurgers in 2004. According to his works, most of the reliable food sources stated for the consumption of vitamin K1 in the diet were veggies while the ones that assured a continual supply of vitamin K2 were the fermented items at the farmer’s market and grocery store. In contrast to the usual myth of vitamin toxicity, the Rotterdam study confirmed that there is no way that vitamin K1 or K2 could get absorbed by the body to the fullest of their limits when sought through the natural sources of diet.

    The modern notions buckle-frame cheese as the most delicious and reliable source of vitamin K2. It is uncommon to note a deficiency of Vitamin K while you are on a diet that supports the intake of Vitamin D. Vitamin K2 or menaquinone is primarily indulgent in favoring the supply of essential nutrients that would be required for the impeccable integrity of the lining of the gut. While most of the vitamin K2 supplies hit the bones and vessels first, there are meager but crucial amounts of the same that get linked with the gut’s bacterial population. Vitamin K2 is the safest form of vitamin K that can be reliably used by humans for a steady period of time. Dr. Mercola supplements are a sure-shot of getting enriched in a way that couldn’t possibly exist in when the natural ways are considered for doing the same with fermented produce. One of the possible clauses that could come in the way of consuming vitamin K in a natural form would be the soy allergy. There are diets outsourced by dieticians that are rich in natto - the richest embodiment of Vitamin K2 among its many food resources. Nevertheless, these diets may never make it to your belly if you were already allergic to or tested positive for allergy to protein derivatives.

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