Flaxseed Oil

    60 X 1000mg Capsules
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    Flaxseed Oil Benefits

    Flaxseed has beneficial nutritional values for the human body which many people incorporate into their daily eating plan, sprinkling ground flax on morning porridge oats of add to salads especially in vegan diets.

    Flaxseed has a multitude of vitamins and minerals in it's structure from essential omega 3 fatty acids ALA, Vitamin B, Selenium, Fibre, Protein, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Iron, Copper, Potassium & Zinc. Naturesupplies has developed a highly concentrated supplement with a massive 1000mg of flax in every capsule for people who would rather take a more concentrated dose.


    Flaxseed 14mg, Shell (Bovine Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified Water, Iron Oxide)


    Take one to five capsules per day

    Rich Natural Trace Minerals From The Earth Thousands Of Years Old

    Flaxseed oil is extracted from one of the ancient crops of the world - Flax. The use of flaxseed goes as old as latin and was introduced to the world by colonists who originally believed that the vicious fibre content of flax was good enough for textile preparation. Flax fibre when used in the fibre industry goes by the name of linseed oil. Flaxseed oil capsules are prepared with the use of original cold press procedures. The lignan capacity owned by most flax seeds comes with an extra capability of supporting the cause of fibres. Secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (the lignan in flax seed) works in the region of the abdomen. Flax seeds are free of gluten which are perfect for people who are allergic to gluten or is a sufferer of celiac disease. Flax supplements have carbs as low as 1 gram per 100 grams and are therefore a favorite among the dieters who have a regular issue of constipation. Flax seeds used for flaxseed supplements are brown in colour and are GMO free. Flax seeds grown in the cooler parts of earth are able to give more oil during the cold press.

    Flax is an enriching spring of multivitamins too. As shown through many studies, flax can be relied on for a regular supply of Vitamin E, and Vitamin K. Among its many benefits, Vitamin E has been noted peculiarly well for regulating a hold over the weight watchers. This works significantly well when supplemented with the absorption of essential fatty acids that keep the level of LDL cholesterol at the lower end. Vitamin E or gamma tocopherol is known for promoting the release of sodium which thus promotes the health status of most individuals who suffer with some kind of disease that is related to the excess intake of salt. Gamma tocopherol makes sure that natural protein content owned by the cells stays preserved and protected from the effect of free radicals. Vitamin K in flax seeds is of the K1 variety. Phenolics would be the next in line that would make it great. These phenolic acids are a combination of benzoic and cinnamic acid and are readily absorbed by the body for the formation of secondary metabolites that pacify the peroxidation process of lipids in the body that might have been ingested in the form of supplements or food.