Folic Acid

    60 x 400ug Tablets
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    Folic Acid Benefits

    Folic acid is recommended by the Department of Health to pregnant women for normal tissue growth during pregnancy.This amazing supplement is from the the Vitamin B complex family which is also known as Vitamin B9,Vitamin M and is also referred to as pteroyl-L-glutamic acid, pteroyl-L-glutamate and folate acid supplements

    Folic Acid Foods

    Folate acid deficiency is becoming more common with people who don't eat healthy but there are many folate acid rich foods that can be found in an abundance such as (leafy vegetables) spinach,broccoli,lettuce,asparagus,bananas,melons,lemons,mushrooms,beef liver and kidneys.

    • Folic Acid (400ug)
    • Bulking Agent (Cellulose), Anti Caking Agent (Magnesium Stearate)

    Dose: 1 tablet per day

    Folic Acid Pregnency Supplements

    Folic acid is pleasant news for every pregnant and lactating woman. Pregnant women are always at the mercy of supplements to avoid any birth effects in the baby. The neural tube is one of the first to form and the primary target of all the organs that can get affected by the inadequate intake of folic acid. The levels of folic acid are therefore required to be kept allocated until the formation of the cord of the fetus. You can always expect the neural tube defects to set in just when you are expecting them the least. For instance, in the early weeks of pregnancy during the structural phase of the neural tube. A standard dose of folic acid recommended for women is of 200µ per day. There are rare instances in which the advising physicians might opt for an advanced dose of the same. Aren’t we all getting a little ahead of ourselves by avoiding the intake of folic acid when compared to the intake of iron supplements? The much-hyped use of only iron supplements for women after puberty has led to the onset of several grasping conditions in women.

    Many tools that have responded to the use of folic acid as a complementary nutrient with iron have made it to the medicine cabinet in no time. One such tool is the dose that follows the perfecting done for combining the dose of the iron capsules and folic acid tablets. While most pre-made combinations of iron and folic acid leave the customers with no choice, our supplements have been made available in different packings which thereby further the choice of titring the values of the aforementioned nutrients according to their needs. Yet another minus that develops after a close encounter with the folic acid malnutrition is the coagulation disorder. While in some cases it is inborn, most cases develop it in an acquired form due to the inadequacy of folate. Vitamin B12 or folic acid works in a close combination with iron supplements to give better access to the benefits of iron than the ones that are offered by the use of an iron supplement in a singular order. Macrocytic anaemia is the commonest manifestation of long-term folic acid inadequacy, especially after puberty. By any chance, if the anaemia is a hereditary companion it might affect the genders of men and transexuals too. Folic acid is the prime component involved in the formation of DNA. So, if there were any alterations done in the DNA at a later stage in life, you can fairly expect the release of any of the subtle-stage anemic symptoms within a month. Overboiling of food sources that contain sufficient amounts of folic acid, can deprive the recipe of its nutritional value. This information has not been approved by a Doctor always consult a Doctor before taking any supplements!

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