12 Benefits Of Deer Antler Velvet

What Are Deer Antler Velvet Supplements?

Deer antler velvet is a natural element found in the velvet which covers the antlers on the animal.Every year the velvet falls off and regenerates the following year, the velvet has a unique compound in it’s molecular structure called igf-1 which high Chinese emperors used to call “The Fountain Of Youth”. deer antler velvet This amazing velvet is then processed naturally to make deer antler velvet supplements and deer antler velvet igf-1 spray.

Deer antler velvet supplements are the “In Health Supplements” at the moment with many sports celebrities using this amazing product to help boost sports performance levels and recover from injuries quicker. Celebrity sports stars who used this natural supplement to recover from injuries are NFL line backer Ray Lewis and Golfer Vijay Singh this is how deer antler velvet spray became the hottest supplement on the market for sports nutrition and bodybuilding.

What is IGF-1? Insulin Growth factor-1 (HGH) Natural Human Growth Hormone

Insulin Growth factor-1 also called somatomedin C is a hormone similar in molecular structure to insulin. It carries the same amount of amino acids as insulin and is responsible for the anabolic reactions to GH. IGF-1 is made up of 70 bonded amino acids making it a protein-peptide hormone which does wonders for stimulating growth hormones.The building block of protein ICF-1 connects the receptors to muscle cells which enable them to grow. In the human body our cycle from childhood to adulthood uses the growth hormone ICF-1 to make all our cells grow, however, this process gradually declines in old age. This particular supplement helps promote normal bone structural growth and tissue growth and development of overall body muscles. The stimulation of growth hormones leads to a healthy body and an exceptional metabolism system.

  • 1. Promotes building lean muscle & fast recovery after workouts
  • 2. Collaborates directly in boosting your immune system
  • 3. Aids in maintaining blood pressure under control
  • 4. Alleviates the heart to function better
  • 5. Helps in healthy weight loss regimes
  • 6. Supports strong and healthy joints
  • 7. Stimulates the nervous system
  • 8. Enhances sexual performance function by raising libido
  • 9. Stimulates hair & nail growth
  • 10.Boosts concentration levels,
  • 11. Increase energy levels & endurance
  • 12. High Chinese Emperors called deer antler velvet "The Fountain Of Youth" for it's anti-ageing properties

Supports Muscle Recovery

The world of fitness is a gruelling dedicated space where people eat the correct foods, consume supplements and use scientific studies to get their bodies in optimum condition. Bodybuilders and athletes work out relentlessly but recovery of torn muscle fibres can be a slow process and that’s why people alternate muscle groups when working out so the torn muscles can recover. The two forms of growth in muscles are hypertrophy or hyperplasia, hypertrophy is the increase of muscle size due to the muscle fibers increasing in size, while hyperplasia is the muscle fibers multiplying thus creating more muscle. Deer antler velvet is the Number 1 supplement professional sports men & women, bodybuilding gyms and fitness fanatics are turning to because it has natural IGF-1 which enhances hyperplasia & hypertrophy in muscle performance, increased muscle size quicker and faster recovery times for workouts and also injury. Deer Antler Velvet is really the Holy Grail of sports nutrition!

Boosts The Immune System

Research in China, Russia & Korea show when samples of deer antler velvet was studied it increased macrophage activity which stimulates the production of lymphocytes which increase red and white blood cell numbers which could increase the immune system to fight infection.

Maintains Blood Pressure Levels

In Japan & Russia research studies on humans and animals showed blood pressure levels reduced in 81% of the participants. Deer antler velvet has been shown to stimulate red blood cells (erythrocytes) ,thus helps to reduce blood pressure levels and regulate blood circulation

Helps Cardiovascular Function

Deer Antler Velvet also has a profound effect on the heart muscle. In a randomised, double blind human study IGF-1 stimulated a significant increase in strength and efficiency of heart function. These people had severely damaged hearts but still realised an increase in blood volume pumped through the heart. IGF-1 also helps preserve cardiac function in healthy people as well. Renowned doctors from the American Heart Association have been found to agree with the research that IGF-1 helps in regulating heart function.

Supports Weight Loss

Obesity is a disease being fought by many people wordwide, through lack of exercise and bad choices in food more and more people are becoming obese. Studies show that Deer Antler Velvet preserves muscle tissue while it shifts your metabolism to burn fat fast on a healthy eating plan and performs better on a exercise regime.

Healthy Joints & Arthritis.

Scientific research now shows cartilage is fast becoming a treatment for many diseases as it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory, rich in collagen and glycosaminoglycans, including chondroitin sulfate A, B, and C. Studies in Czechoslovakia showed amazing results in decreasing pain and increasing joint and arthritis mobility. Deer antler velvet is primarily made up from cartilage and has rich igf-1 properties which is a natural growth hormone many people call the fountain of life.

Stimulates Damaged Nerves

One of the most exciting discoveries about Deer Antler Velvet is its likely ability to stimulate damaged nerves. Several laboratory studies suggest that presence of IGF-1 increases nerve activity and, in animal studies, IGF-1 repaired and reconnected nerve endings up to a distance of six millimeters. This is astounding when one realises that severe nerve damage of more than one inch may result in permanent damage. In other animal studies IGF-1 increased intramuscular nerve sprouting tenfold.

Increases Libido Sexual Performance

Deer Antler Velvet extracts increase the production of testosterone and its metabolites. In this capacity, the velvet may act in a manner that is similar to the supplement androsternedione. Another hormone called gonadotropin (GnRH) is released from the hypothalamus and is literally the controlling factor that determines the rhythms of male sexual functions. In Chinese medicine 2000 years ago deer antler velvet was used as an aphrodisiac as many people claimed stronger erections and increased sexual desire

Stimulates Nail & Hair Growth

This is a newly discovered benefit of deer antler velvet consumption. It is said that the supplement helps in rapid hair growth & stimulates the strength of hair.

Stimulates Brain Activity

A study found Monoamine-oxidase inhibitors block the failure of monoamine neurotransmitters such as serotonin and norepinephrine. Deer antler velvet allows these vital neurotransmitters in the brain to enhance the mood and mental performances.

Increase Energy Levels & Endurance

Increases energy levels with deer antler velvet extract rich in igf-1 natural (HGH)


Studies show in Japan enzymes related to the aging process are reduced by using deer antler velvet spray rich in igf-1.

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