Juniper Berry Oil

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    Juniper Berry Oil

    Discover high-quality Juniper berry oil from Naturesupplies sourced from framers which nurture these amazing berries with pesticide and gmo free growing methods to produce the best natural oil for our customers.

    • Juniper Berry Oil

    Dose: Up to 2 to 3 drops per day massaged into the skin or diluted into a carrier oil

    Juniper Fruit Extracted Essential Oils

    Juniper berry is traditionally dried to extract its oil. The fruit is mostly grown in the regions of Bulgaria that have instant access to pollination and rain. The Juniper berry is an eccentric food of the medieval times that was promoted for its French flavour and lingering aroma. Some of the major hydrocarbons that can be found in Juniper oil are alpha pinene, myrcene, and sabinene. The antioxidant asset of the aforementioned terpenes can be attributed to the scavenging action of xanthine oxidase. Peroxidation of lipids is actively inhibited by transfer of formation of malondialdehyde. It is an aldehyde group formation that is later taken over by an active process of excretion that exits all forms of free radicals from the body. Most of the major components of oil exert their peroxidation effect at a later stage thus explaining the long-processed action of alpha and beta-pinene. Juniper berry can be used in a cordial manner by the following ways:

    When used as an aroma enhancer, Juniper berry essential oil can be used to make scented candles or as an inhaler by adding a few drops of it to a humidifier. Oils absorbed through air get deposited in the bloodstream really quick. This can be attributed to the direct absorption of the vapors by the endothelium of the blood vessels and therefore the olfactory nodes.

    When applied topically, the release should always be diluted as this oil is very potent and highly concentrated. It could be a spray as an air freshener or added to bedsheets to freshen up linen and add spice to your bedroom when going to bed.

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