Lemon Peel Oil

    30ml Bottle
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    The citric essential oil for skincare and anti-ageing

    Naturesupplies lemon Peel Oil Citrus Limonum is an essential oil which is mainly known to be very beneficial for skin care and anti-ageing. This amazing oil is very good with oily skin as it helps eliminate the oil from the skin which often occurs in dermatological acne,the acid from the lemon helps to break up the oil in the skin and help to dissolve dead skin cells.


    INCI: Citrus medica limonum


    Dose: Up to 2 to 3 drops per day massaged into the skin or diluted into a carrier oil

    Genetic Makeup Of Lemon Oil

    Lemon is an epic plant when it comes to rooting for one. The only explanation that can be left wide for its non-cultivation is lack of space. The encircled flavonoids of this citrus medium can be counted on for their privileged usage for the human race. There are absolving and disparate properties of its contents that make the user eager for its repetitive use. Lemon peel oil is the easiest form of Citrus Limonum that has made it to the tabloids, a major portion of the use of this oil has been mentioned as topical in many journals. Most of the peels used for the preparation of this oil are grinded and peeled from original fruits. An uplifting variety of benefits recovered from the lemon essential oil are only accessible due to the presence of phenolic compounds.

    Lemon Oil is known for its distinct aroma that vitalizes the innermost regions of ourselves with its depth. The extraction procedure used for their procurement is purely organic. Lemon peel oil can be used in an edible form in smoothies and drinks. Since the phenolic compound strength of lemon’s peel is equal to that of Curcuma Longa, many people use them as sanitizers and in cleaning products.

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