Nova pump pink lemonade (non stim preworkout )

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    Novapump pink lemonade Preworkout

    Novapump is the stim-free preworkout of MVPre which still guarantees an explosive workout. This formula focuses on the pump without the strong nootropic effects that can keep you awake at night. We reccommend taking this over MVPre if you prefer night time workouts or have a bad relationship with stimulants. On the otherhand taking this stacked with MVPre 2.0 gives you a workout like no other.



    Citrulline Malate


    Red spinach extract

    Agmatine sulfate

    Peganum harmala L. Extract

    Natural & Artificial flavour

    Bitterness blocker

    Acesulfame K

    Gluten - Free & Soy - Free

    leaf Take 1 scoop in 10-16 oz of water. Consume 1/2 a scoop to test tolerance.

    Premium Sports Nutrition Range From InnovaPharm

    Nova Pump Pink Lemonade (Stim Free) Pre Workout is made from 100% legal substances that have been delineated by the authorized purchases of renowned athletes and bodybuilders. There are absolutely no stimulants used in its making which makes Nova Pump Pink Lemonade safe for use with other proteinaceous supplements. Nova Pump Pink Lemonade is perfectly suitable for the workout sessions done during the night time to overcome jet lag. It is a perfect mix of the following ingredients and can, therefore, be relied on for a long-term impact on the hours-long workout sessions:

    Citrulline Malate : One of the foremost qualities of citrulline malate is that it helps in the elimination of the extra urea from the body. It makes sure that all the by-products received from the end of diet or medications are duly flushed from the system so that the ingredients of the supplements that are supposed to raise the health of the muscles are able to do effectively.

    Red spinach extract : It is pure nitrate. Nitrates are essential for getting a faster boost in the pumping of the muscles just and when required during a workout session. The results of nitrate-rich ingredients can be witnessed 90 minutes after the intake of the supplement. Red spinach extract has a two-fold action on the muscles. It increases the supply of oxygen within minutes of its consumption and then later works on the repair of the muscle cells. In many research, red spinach extract has been used for enabling a cure for the chronic conditions that jeopardize the normal manner of working for the muscles.

    Agmatine sulfate : It is a distinct form of arginine. Agmatine regulates the flow of nitric oxide through the vessels by mannering the way in which the nitrate releasing enzymes like nitric oxide synthase plod. This regulation makes sure that the vitality absorbed by muscles during the first 90 minutes stays through the workout session.

    Peganum harmala L. Extract : Peganum harmala L. is mostly chosen for its analgesic action. This helps in the stretching of muscles that have been stiff and inactive for quite a while. Peganum harmala L. extract is collected from the seeds of the same plant grown in Morocco.

    Acesulfame K : Acesulfame potassium is one of the safest artificial sweeteners that the supplement industry could use for the diabetic athletes and bodybuilders. Insulin can be a dreary kind of regulation for the weight watchers who suffer with Type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is genetic that doesn’t exactly relate with the quality of the diet.

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