Nutmeg Oil

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    Nutmeg Oil

    Absolute Nutmeg oil from organic sources free from pesticides and GMO-FREE this oil is a must to add to your aromatherapy collection. Nutmeg also is known by its Latin name Myristica fragrans is very popular for ladies time of the month pmt menstrual cramps when rubbed into the skin, many ladies burn this essential oil when inhaled is believed to help with mood and hormone imbalances.

    • Nutmeg Oil

    Dose: Up to 2 to 3 drops per day massaged into the skin or diluted into a carrier oil

    Nutmeg Absolute Oil Origin

    Nutmeg oil is the contribution of our ancestors to a generation that strives to reach the pinnacle of society. Myristica fragrans is a fragrant tree that can be cultivated with ease in Indonesia. While there are many names to its extract, ‘Nutmeg’ is one that came up more than any. The usual recipes that involve the flavour of nutmeg could be béchamel sauce and puddings that require the essence of a nut. Nutmeg tree (Myristica fragrans) is approx. 20 m long with cursive foliage and prompt flow of a musky aroma in the winds. Molucca islands have been famous for this tree’s extract and have definitely never been cultivated in any part of the city as they have been in the arid climate of this sandy location. It's the seeds of Myristica fragrans that are raised to be a part of our every bottle of nutmeg oil. The prime constituents that compose the unimpeachable integration of nutmeg oil are eugenol, camphene, and linalool. When used orally, nutmeg would profoundly deliver a nutty flavor to the taste buds. Nutmeg complements many essential oils in aromatherapy in many recipes such as black pepper and orange oil.

    The usual modes used for absorbing the pluses of nutmeg oil would be:

    Vaporizers are used in the scenario where the consumer has a skin disease and cannot rub the oil onto the surface of the skin been inflamed. The interesting presence of nutmeg oil in this environment can be considered a vital aid for the consumers who exhibit signs and symptoms of contentious breathing.

    Bathing Oil: A perfect blend of nutmeg oil and other essential oils can make every bath blissful.

    Skin Creams - nutmeg is a popular oil added to base creams or coconut oil to add a soothing effect to cracked skin

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