Shungite Phone Plate 20mm

    Shungite Phone Plate 20mm Circle

    A solid shungite circle 20mm diameter which simply fits into any smartphone case to expel radiation from 3g,4g and 5g rays.

    In today's society the exuberant use of digital technology and advanced electrical equipments such as ipads and smartphones has gone crazy, it can be hard to keep a track of the sources that lead to most of the health hazards. It’s an obvious fact that the negativities ringed with the use of such specialized technologies are often left ignored. Shungite is a dense mineral that was discovered during the 1700s in the village of Shunga. While there weren’t any firm religious beliefs placed in the use of this stone, it was treated no less than a godsend by the people of the village. The use of the stone became outsourced only after the year 1996 when a group of scientists won a Nobel Prize for enlightening the chemical attributes of fullerenes to the world which repel emf radiation fields.

    Shungite Smart Phone Plates:

    The abundant supply of fullerenes provided by Shungite in every other household can be found commonly in the form of the Shungite phone plates. Shungite phone plate embodies all the diamagnetic energy of the stone. In a way it is single-handedly capable of erasing all the electromagnetic fields that could possibly be created by powerful cellular phones better known as smart phones. Fullerenes come in all dimensions and sizes when it comes to dealing with the negative effects of EMF waves. Shungite phone plates can be simply added in the case for holding the mobile phone which gives protection to the phone user

    The finest crystals of shungite embedded on the surface of the plate can be trusted to do the needful in a flawless manner even in the most unsuited of environments. The plate works out its plan of action by relaxing the presence of EMF waves in the surrounding environment. In a manner of saying, the fullerene particles in the plate never get neutralized during their constant interaction with the EMF waves. Shungite phone plates can be used in workplaces and radio stations where the emission of such energy waves is the highest. Shungite phone plates can be used on any phone brands such as androids, iphones, samsung, blackberry and digital tablets.

    Shungite Blocks 5G EMF & WIFI Add A Small Piece To Your Phone Cover

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