Vitamin B6

    60 x 100mg Tablets
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    Vitamin B6 Benefits

    B6 also known as pyridoxine plays an important role in the body's functions of normal cysteine synthesis, energy yielding metabolism, nerve function, the function of the nervous system, immune system, reduction of tiredness fatigue and the the function of red blood cells.

    Foods Rich In Vitamin B6

    The human body needs a healthy balance of foods to perform at its optimum performance, but in our busy lifestyles we sometimes take easy alternatives instead eating our protein, fruit & vegetables, we often eat non nutritional convenience food and over time of eating bad food our bodies can become deficient in B6. To help boost our levels we need to eat foods rich in Vitamin B6 such as sunflower seeds, pistachio nuts, tuna fish, turkey, chicken, prunes, beef, avocados and bananas.

    • Vitamin B6 Tablets
    • Bulking Agents (Di Calcium Phosphate, Cellulose), Pyridoxine HCl, Anti Caking Agent (Magnesium Stearate)

    Dose: 1 tablet per day. Long term daily intake of 100mg Vitamin B6 may lead to mild numbness or tingling. Discontinue use if symptoms occur

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