Xeneplex Chemical Detox Coffee Suppositories

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    Xeneplex Chemical Detox Coffee Enema Suppositories

    Xeneplex and a specially designed enema/suppository which focus is to detox the body from horrible chemicals our body picks up from food,water and the air we breath.Xeneplex coffee enema suppositories helps to eliminate harmful chemicals such as pesticides,pollutants,alcohol,fungus,free radicals and metals.

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    Proprietary blend of organic free trade coffee, reduced glutathione, MSM, glucuronolactone, pantothenic acid, and magnesium di-potassium EDTA in a base of organic cocoa butter.


    Rectal Use Only

    Keep cool in a fridge

    Have a bowl movement

    Coat the suppository with coconut/olive oil to help lubrication

    20-30 mins its usually take for a bowel movement

    Recommend use every 3 days but contact doctor/health practitioner before use

    Always contact a doctor before using any supplements to check to see if it conflicts with any medication or conditions.Do not use if pregnant/nursing

    Chemical Detox Formula In Suppositories

    Xeneplex is a suppository that barricades the undesirable effects of a long-term drug regimen. While most detox suppositories concentrate on the elimination of metabolites formed by food, Xeneplex is more diligent towards the elimination of toxins and byproducts formed by drugs during their involvement with the organs.

    Glutathione: is primarily protective towards the integrity of the membranes of cells. The external envelope of any form of the cell is significant for a smoother act of its operations. The unsound relation of oxidative compounds to some drugs might end badly for the cells of some organs that are sensitive to the exposure of superoxides. Glutathione intersects the process of necrosis and probates the mechanism of apoptosis instead for the cells that have become gullible to the onset of neoplastic changes.

    Organic Coffee: has become an international commodity in the past few years. In fact, it has been rated as the hottest product in all the regions of the tropics. The sustainable future of organic coffee can be based on the effectiveness of its contents that are rich in the mineral zinc. It goes by a similar name of green coffee in the online market. In addition to detoxifying your body, organic coffee contributes to the process of weight loss.

    Glucurolactone; works as a detox hyperbole in combination with organic coffee. The secondary metabolite of this ingredient formed in the body is known as D-glucuronic acid. In addition to being a predecessor to the toxin’s elimination, glucuronolactone won’t hesitate in the removal of the by-products of medicines too.

    Magnesium Di-Potassium EDTA : works on the quality of the muscles during the detox process. EDTA has a very specific action on the calcium content of the body. Calcium plays an essential role in the contraction of the muscles. Magnesium is a naturally-existing mineral that stalls the early exit of calcium from the body. This can be a colossal rule to follow if you suffer from a disorder that plummets the absorption of calcium quickly after its intake.

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