Dr Mercola

ALL natural ingredients from the world renowned Dr Mercola! This premium range of supplements are the purest ingredients formulated to give our customers a high concentration in each product. Many formulations are unique and only found in Dr Mercolas range so you know you are buying the best extracts on the market with hours of research gone into each product.

Dr Mercola History Of Why He Turned To Natural Supplements

Here is a little insight on who Dr. Joseph Mercola really is and why he went into natural medicine. Dr. Mercola runs his own line of alternative medicine products. After toiling for a considerable period in the field of science, he launched his own line of products in 1990. Born in a city of Illinois, Dr. Mercola began his OPD visits in 1985. After going through an incredible amount of checkups, he was able to concur that the patients were not accepting much relief from the prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. It was this belief that led him towards the option of natural medicine. A slight modification in diet with a sprinkle of natural medicine was able to bring improvement to a number of cases that he was attending. Dr. Mercola’s supplements are perfect for people who wish to shift to the option of traditional medicine for getting over an old condition of health.

Populat Dr Mercola Supplements

Dr Mercola Spiru-Blue is a magnificent intake if you were looking for some natural source of bacteria to take care of your gut. Spirulina microalgae is different from probiotics. It is rich in providing the body with several ingredients that are elusive at some level at a certain age. Some of nutritional value adding components that can be found in Dr Mercola Spiru-Blue are Iron, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, and Selenium. An additional component in the mix that makes a mark with its presence in this supplement is Astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is pink-coloured carotenoid that can be found in the Pacific region in the gut of salmon. It is advisable to go for the valuable effects of Dr Mercola Spiru-Blue only after a doctor’s prescription.

Dr Mercola Magnesium L-Threonate is a more dissolvable form of magnesium which breaks the blood brain barrier meaning it goes deeper into tissue and cells. Unlike most supplements, Dr Mercola Magnesium L-Threonate is free of stearates and of any genetically engineered components.

Dr Mercola Melatonin Sleep Aid : Yes! It's completely non-addictive. 5 - HTP is a factor that is normally secreted by the body in the neurons. 5 - HTP is the one that welcomes serotonin as a house guest and relieves all the anxiousness and tremors that interfere with an otherwise normal sleeping pattern. Melatonin is an important ingredient in this formula because in the human body melatonin is not produced after the early twenties and that's why many people have insomnia problems because of the lack of the sleeping hormone melatonin